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Spectre Requisitions Exchange

Dear Creator,

Thank you so much for creating something for me. I'm already super excited about it and I'm so glad we matched on whatever we matched on. Except for DNWs, I'm totally great with whatever you might throw my way, but if you'd like some guidance, I've got a bunch of general loves and specific prompts. If anything in this letter grabs your attention, great! If not, that's great, too. And if by some chance a prompt for one ship inspires you for a different one, feel free to mix-and-match. Or if only a part of a prompt inspires you, feel free to run with that as well.

DNWs: adultery/cheating, character bashing, historical/mundane/modern/non-canon divergent AUs, kink, porn/smut (fade-to-black scenes are fine, scenes indicating sex is imminent are also fine)

Loves (in alphabetical order, no preference intended)

AUs: canon divergent AUs, canon-set AUs where characters might have another occupation, mirror!verse/dark side AUs, role reversal AUs
Themes: betrayal (except for cheating/adultery), characters presented with moral/ethical quandaries, fate/circumstances getting in the way of love/romance/relationships, finding and encouraging moments of joy in the midst of pain and suffering, loyalty, sacrifice (of self, reputation, others, etc.), "the road to hell is paved with good intentions," unrequited love, what makes good people good and what might make good people do bad things
Tropes: fake dating, five times fic, future/post-canon fic, getting together, misunderstandings and miscommunication, pining, power couples
Other Stuff: atmospheric/moody writing, character studies, close platonic relationships, confessions of love/confessions of love via actions taken, "could have been" relationships, irreconcilable differences between characters, melancholic/bittersweet tone, moments of growing intimacy, pre-relationships and shippy gen, realistic romantic moments, sad/unhappy endings, sympathetic portrayals of flawed characters, unreliable narrators, unusual writing styles and POVs, worldbuilding details

Garrus Vakarian/Reyes Vidal
• I feel like there's a lot of mileage a person could get out of a pre-Andromeda Reyes meeting an Archangel-era Garrus on Omega. I have no idea what they'd get up to. Drinks at the bar? Reyes trying to flirt with a harder-edged Garrus and seeing him as an interesting challenge?
• Mistaken identity with Garrus thinking Reyes is part of a merc gang while Reyes is trying to screw over the merc gangs in his own Reyes-y way? Maybe they partner up for a bit? Or maybe Reyes became one of the guys on his team and Garrus only thought he died when Sidonis betrayed all of them?

Mass Effect Trilogy
I have no preference on Shepard's backstory if it happens to come up, but I do prefer paragon Shepards or reluctantly paragade Shepards unless we're talking dark AUs where all the other characters are a little more hard-edged, too. However, if you spark on an idea involving a more renegade Shepard, that's fine, too!

I somewhat prefer default character names because they're less distracting to me, but this also isn't a super huge issue for me either. I like default male Shepard's appearance, but that's also nothing I'm super attached to as far as the character goes.

EDI/Female Shepard
I was completely despondent by being unable to romance EDI. As cute as I find EDI/Jeff, I really do love the idea of femShep falling for EDI (and EDI's sense of humor) and EDI doing the same in return.

• How exactly does EDI learn how to be romantic with Shepard when Shepard was the one she'd gone to for advice when it came to Jeff? And how spectacularly does it fail (in the best possible way, of course) because femShep is kind of a dorky failure all the time. And how much does it frustrate EDI when her overtures are misunderstood? And then how amazing is it when it ends well for all involved?

Kasumi Goto/Female Shepard
So the thing I like best about Kasumi is how interested in people she is. I love that she observes the crew and wants to talk about them and seems genuinely concerned about their well being. I love, too, that she seems specifically concerned about Shepard's well being, too.

• Kasumi gets really nosy about femShep's life and femShep finds herself incredibly flattered despite usually not thinking much about herself. She's always so "on" about saving the galaxy from Reapers and whatnot and Kasumi manages to stop her in her tracks all the time.
• They have to pretend to date for a heist-y type situation? Maybe they're not pretending as much as they think they are?

Miranda Lawson/Female Shepard
I love leader/XO relationships and I was so sad you couldn't romance Miranda as femShep. I love the growth of their relationship over the course of ME2, going from being distrustful to being totally loyal. I love that femShep can inspire and make Miranda feel better about her own issues regarding who she was born to be versus who she is.

• I just really want to see Miranda and femShep being loyal to one another and saving each other's asses and keeping each other in line and being true partners.

Mass Effect: Andromeda
For ship fic, I have a slight preference for shipped sibling to be the Pathfinder rather than the sibling that had been in a coma. However, I'm also aware that there are a lot of cool stories that could be told about the character if they aren't the Pathfinder, so the preference is really only a slight one.

As far as other slight preferences go, I like default male Ryder's appearance, but am indifferent about female Ryder's. I also like the default names for what that's worth, but again, I'm not really picky about it.

Avitus Rix/Male Ryder | Scott
• Being Pathfinder is a stressful job and there aren't a whole lot of people who understand that weight. Maybe in the future, they bond over it and grow closer because of it.
• Scott pines away while giving Avitus space to grieve for Macen. Meanwhile, Avitus begins pining for Scott and feels guilty about it at first.

Female Ryder | Sara/Lexi T'Perro
• I would love to see Sara pining for Lexi knowing they can't be together because Lexi's a professional.
• Lexi angsting about having to be professional and falling in love anyway.
• Post-Hunting the Archon love confessions?
• Future fic where Lexi has transferred and Sara has stepped away from active Pathfinding, they decide they can finally let themselves have something they've wanted for a long time.
• Similarly to Harry/Scott below, this is one ship where Sara not being the Pathfinder could be interesting. Maybe they meet sometime post-game while Sara is recuperating?

Harry Carlyle/Male Ryder | Scott
• I imagine Ryder visited his sister a lot while she was in a coma. Presumably, then, he and Harry would've gotten to know one another. How might they bond? Do they get into interesting chats while Ryder sits with his sister?
• It's probably interesting to Harry, who was supposed to be on the Tempest with Ryder, to see Ryder in snapshot form when he occasionally returns to the Hyperion to check on his sister. What does he think about getting to witness Ryder's growth into his role as the Pathfinder? Does he ever regret staying behind?
• This one, I actually would love a look at what a non-Pathfinder male Ryder would be like and how his relationship with Harry might change once he's woken up and they've gotten to know one another while Ryder is recuperating.

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