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rare pairs exchange

Dear Creator,

Thank you so much for creating something for me. I'm already super excited about it and I'm so glad we matched on whatever we matched on. Except for DNWs, I'm totally great with whatever you might throw my way, but if you'd like some guidance, I've got a bunch of general loves and specific prompts. If anything in this letter grabs your attention, great! If not, that's great, too. And if by some chance a prompt for one ship inspires you for a different one, feel free to mix-and-match. Or if only a part of a prompt inspires you, feel free to run with that as well.

DNWs: adultery/cheating, character bashing, historical/mundane/modern/non-canon divergent AUs, kink, porn/smut (fade-to-black scenes are fine, scenes indicating sex is imminent are also fine)

Loves (in alphabetical order, no preference intended)

AUs: canon divergent AUs, canon-set AUs where characters might have another occupation, mirror!verse/dark side AUs, role reversal AUs
Themes: betrayal (except for cheating/adultery), characters presented with moral/ethical quandaries, fate/circumstances getting in the way of love/romance/relationships, finding and encouraging moments of joy in the midst of pain and suffering, loyalty, sacrifice (of self, reputation, others, etc.), "the road to hell is paved with good intentions," unrequited love, what makes good people good and what might make good people do bad things
Tropes: fake dating, five times fic, future/post-canon fic, getting together, misunderstandings and miscommunication, pining, power couples
Other Stuff: atmospheric/moody writing, character studies, characters failing to admit their feelings, close platonic relationships, confessions of love/confessions of love via actions taken, "could have been" relationships, irreconcilable differences between characters, melancholic/bittersweet tone, moments of growing intimacy, pre-relationships and shippy gen, realistic romantic moments, sad/unhappy endings, sympathetic portrayals of flawed characters, unreliable narrators, unusual writing styles and POVs, worldbuilding details

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American Gods
Note: I've read the novel, so if you'd like to toss in some details/future plot points, don't worry about spoiling me. If you haven't read the novel or you don't want to bring in anything from it, please feel free to completely disregard the novel's existence, too.

So, there's kind of a theme to all of the prompts that follow and it is this: I want Sweeney to belligerently pine away for everyone he meets. If you want to write about that, I would desperately, desperately love to read about it.

Essie Macgowan/Mad Sweeney
Spoilers for 1.07: I would love to see Sweeney's perspective on Essie's adherence to her beliefs. He seemed to have taken a shine to her at the end of her life. Did he perhaps care a bit more for her before that, too? Maybe he offered her a bit more luck in return for her offerings and maybe her luck was even poorer than it might have been when she forgot about him?

Laura/Mad Sweeney
• Laura reminds Sweeney of Essie. Some days he can't decide if that's a good thing or not.
Spoilers for 1.07: How does Sweeney reconcile how he feels about Laura with what he's done to her on Wednesday's behalf?

Laura/Shadow Moon/Mad Sweeney
• Mad Sweeney developing annoying, obnoxious feelings for Shadow followed by him developing annoying, obnoxious feelings for Laura and being really, really pissed off about it is just about everything I could ever hope to want for these three.

Shadow Moon/Mad Sweeney
• I love Shadow a lot and the way he'll kind of go along with all this weird shit he's experiencing, have a moment where he seems like he's through, and then comes back around. I love Mad Sweeney and how completely over-the-top he is about everything. I think the pair of them are a lot of fun together and I'd love to see Sweeney make it his life's hobby to annoy the shit out of Shadow just to get a rise out of him.
• The way the show has expanded on Sweeney and Laura is really interesting and I think it would be amazing to end up having them vie for Shadow's attention. Or have Sweeney feel like there's some competition for Shadow's attention. Or Sweeney feeling like he has to distract Shadow from paying too much attention to Laura because even though she and Sweeney are assholes, he's the better asshole. Basically, I don't know. Sweeney is kind of jealous of the relationship Laura and Shadow had or have and he's a jerk about it. (Note: if you go with this prompt, Laura doesn't need to play a part and I'd prefer that Laura and Shadow be in the past, especially since this is a rare male slash exchange, but I like Laura a lot, too, and would prefer she not be villainized. She might be an asshole, but I love that about her.)

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Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon
I really, really love the dynamics Usagi shares with both Seiya and Haruka. I love how flustered she gets when they flirt with her and when they tease her. So anything involving that aspect of things would be great.

I'm most familiar with the 90s anime, but if you want to play with manga dynamics, that would be amazing, too. I haven't seen all of Crystal, but if you like the dynamic between Usagi and Haruka from it, I would be equally pleased with something from that property, too.

Seiya Kou/Tsukino Usagi
• I would enjoy reading about this relationship while Fighter is in her Three Lights guise or not, but if for some reason you were at all inclined to go with a post-series relationship in which she's no longer disguised as Seiya, I would love it forever.
• A story in which Mamoru really did make it to college and he and Usagi drifted apart naturally would also be lovely, maybe with Usagi struggling with her feelings for Seiya and the process of moving on? That said, I'd prefer any breakup of Mamoru and Usagi to be mutual and as kind as a breakup can be.

Tenoh Haruka/Tsukino Usagi
• Haruka + flirting with Usagi = my OTP. I, too, would greatly enjoy anything involving Haruka wooing Usagi and succeeding wildly at it because let's be real Haruka would never fail at wooing anyone.

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Black Sails
Captain Flint/Hal Gates
• The way their relationship changes over the course of the first season and the way it ends is so tragically heartbreaking to me. I love stories of misunderstandings and slow betrayals and this is one of the best I've seen. It seems clear to me that these two cared deeply about one another. I'd love to see anything about them where their dynamic takes on a romantic slant even if it stays unspoken or with one or the both of them unable to act upon it.
• Something post-episode 108 with Flint grieving over what he'd been pushed to do would also be welcome.

American Gods | Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon | Black Sails | Crossover Fandom | DC Cinematic Universe | Dragon Age | Mass Effect Andromeda | Mass Effect Trilogy | Saints Row | Twin Peaks

Crossover Fandom
Dana Scully (The X-Files)/Denise Bryson (Twin Peaks)
A good friend of mine made me think of this ship and now I can't get it out of my head. I don't even know what I want from this except for anything and everything. Joint mission? Somehow the X-files and Blue Rose are connected in some way and that's how they get introduced? Maybe there's a case that butts up against a DEA investigation and that's how they meet? Is there lots of flirting from Denise? (Please.) And is Scully reluctantly charmed? (Pretty please.) But seriously, any way you can get these two together would be amazing.

Kaidan Alenko (Mass Effect)/Poe Dameron (Star Wars)
This was sort of a silly crossover idea I came up with with a friend of mine and it ended up getting stuck in my brain. Kaidan's a good man and he seems to hold others to a similarly high standard of behavior. I kind of jokingly reached the conclusion that Poe Dameron is one of the few people who could probably exceed those expectations and now I kind of ship it.

As far as how to cross these two over, I'd personally love to see something where Poe Dameron just always existed in the Mass Effect universe and is Alliance Navy or something. Any sort of handwaving is fine though and if you have an idea for bringing Kaidan into the Star Wars universe, go for it.

I don't really have any specific prompts for this one mostly because I'm curious about anything you might want to throw at this one. Poe and Kaidan are both great soldiers with good ethics and I think they'd play well against one another. They also have a lot of weight on their shoulders because of how good they are, so they'd probably also be able to bond over the suckier side of being involved in a war. Something exploring that would be equally amazing.

American Gods | Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon | Black Sails | Crossover Fandom | DC Cinematic Universe | Dragon Age | Mass Effect Andromeda | Mass Effect Trilogy | Saints Row | Twin Peaks

DC Cinematic Universe
Amanda Waller/Bruce Wayne
I really like the idea that Amanda's got one over on Bruce and the tension between what she's doing with the Suicide Squad and what he's doing with the Justice League. I also feel like Amanda's one of the only people who's not impressed with Bruce, probably knows who he is, and he comes to feel like he needs to impress her and then he falls in love when it doesn't work.

• Waller turns into a constant pain in Bruce Wayne/Batman's ass. How and why? And how much does Bruce enjoy it?
• Bruce respects Waller more than he cares to admit. How does that play out? And how does she react when she finally realizes she has someone in her corner who's not actually looking to undermine her.
• Bruce starts to think of their little meetings as dates and keeps upping the fanciness of the restaurants.

Floyd Lawton/Harleen Quinzel
I love everything about Floyd and Harley and how they interacted throughout Suicide Squad and I find the sorta triangle between him, Harley, and the Joker fascinating, how Floyd encourages her to "stay evil" while also somehow encouraging by example the more heroic impulses in her as the Joker tries to drag her back to his world. That and this movie is just really fun and goofy and I'd love to see fun fic for these two.

References to past Harley/Joker are fine, but I would prefer that Harley and the Joker aren't together now within whatever context you might create something here.

• I'd love to see them bonding over minor annoyances they come across in their work as members of the Suicide Squad or about prison or something.
• Because they spend so much of their time separated in Belle Reve, they have to make the most of what contact they can get with one another when they're on the inside.
• How does Floyd react upon learning that Harley's been freed from Belle Reve?

George "Digger" Harkness/Amanda Waller
• "Why don't we start having some fun" though. I just want to see all the fic where Harkness tries standing up to Waller and keeps getting slapped down and falls in love or respect or something all the while and hates it. Whether Waller goes for it or not is up to you as I think the idea that Harkness nurses a hopeless, helpless crush on Waller—and she knows it and exploits it—is great, but so is Waller somehow getting to see his charms.

Harleen Quinzel/Amanda Waller
Harley Quinn: "Are you the devil?"
Amanda Waller: "Maybe."

The above was one of my favorite bits of interaction in Suicide Squad and I would love to see more of Harley and Amanda's dynamic explored. I imagine they'd make quite the pair.

• What happens when Amanda finds out Harley's been sprung from prison? Does she get her back? (Yes.) Is Harley happy about it? (Probably more than she should be.)

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Dragon Age (Video Games)
I have a slight preference for Mage Trevelyans as far as backstories go if it's not otherwise specified, and Mage backstories in general all the way around, but I would be happy to receive works about these relationships that feature any of the Inquisitor's backstories.

I do prefer creations that use the default character names just because it's the least distracting to me, but it's not bothersome enough to be a DNW, so if you absolutely don't want to use the default names, that's fine.

If you're at all inclined to explore the alternate timelines set up by the Champions of the Just/In Hushed Whispers where either the Envy demon succeeds in taking over as the Inquisitor or the time between when the Inquisitor disappears from Redcliffe and returns in the future, that would be amazing.

Alistair/Female Trevelyan
In this case, I also have a slight preference for Inquisition-era Warden Alistair and how much he's grown and changed in the years since DAO, but I'm also open to and would love an exploration of a relationship between the Inquisitor and the King of Ferelden. Power couple Alistair/Inquisitor? Political marriage? The possibilities there are endless, too.

• Perhaps Alistair fell in love with the Warden and after she died destroying the archdemon he didn't think he'd ever find another woman who awoke similar feelings in him. Then he meets the Inquisitor, who is maybe entirely different from her, but still striking. How might he grapple with these feelings? Would he do anything about them?
• The Inquisitor decides to save Alistair in the Fade after getting to know him after he comes to Skyhold. They like and respect one another quite a bit and one or the both of them consider the romantic possibilities. What sort of fallout might saving him incur if he thinks she only did it out of affection for him even if she didn't? (Maybe she recognized that this was Hawke's situation to handle/thought that Weisshaupt needed Alistair, etc. There are tons of reasons why she might do so that don't involve her personal feelings after all.) Would he feel guilty and upset? Would he be awed and humbled? I'd like to know.

Cremisius "Krem" Aclassi/Female Inquisitor
• Krem is such a great character, laid back yet still interesting, and I think he'd be great for the Inquisitor. He's friendly and not too in awe of her. He's willing to chat and has a lot of fun stories. I can imagine the Inquisitor would appreciate having a friend like that. I would love to see that relationship blossom into something more and how it might come about.

Female Adaar/Cullen Rutherford
Because Cullen is a former Templar, I find romantic relationships that include mage Inquisitors to be the most compelling, so if you're willing to create a work for mage Adaar here, I would love that.

• I would love to see anything about them getting to know one another and finding some common ground and working together on behalf of the Inquisition.
• Perhaps Cullen starts off suspicious of her because she was the only one who survived the Conclave and because he remembers what happened with the Arishok and the other Qunari back in Kirkwall. Though I think by now he's learned a little bit about how to not judge one person based on the actions of some, he might still have some problems with it given how he handles mages hanging around Haven. How do they learn to trust one another? Alternately, does he trust her more because she's Tal-Vashoth?

Female Inquisitor/Varric Tethras
• More fallout of leaving Hawke in the Fade. How does the Inquisitor feel about it? How does Varric? Do they talk about Hawke with one another? How does the fact that one or the other might have romantic feelings affect them?
• I'm kind of a sucker for contrasting Varric's relationship with Hawke with Varric's relationship with the Inquisitor. The scene where he and Cassandra are yelling at one another and Cassandra's focused on what Hawke could have done if they were the Inquisitor and Varric says the Inquisition has a leader/that he thinks Hawke would be dead were especially compelling. So anything that looks at Varric's relationship with the Inquisitor in light of what his relationship with Hawke is like would be great. Particularly if he admires the Inquisitor greatly, too, but in different ways from Hawke. Does it surprise Varric that he cares as much as he does about the Inquisitor? Does the Inquisitor consider it vital that he stands with her? Does she worry that she can't live up to Hawke's image given that Varric and they were such great friends and even Cassandra had wanted them to lead the Inquisition.

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Mass Effect Andromeda
For ship fic, I have a slight preference for shipped sibling to be the Pathfinder rather than the sibling that had been in a coma. However, I'm also aware that there are a lot of cool stories that could be told about the character if they aren't the Pathfinder, so the preference is really only a slight one.

As far as other slight preferences go, I like default male Ryder's appearance, but am indifferent about female Ryder's. I also like the default names for what that's worth, but again, I'm not really picky about it.

Avitus Rix/Male Ryder | Scott
• Being Pathfinder is a stressful job and there aren't a whole lot of people who understand that weight. Maybe in the future, they bond over it and grow closer because of it.
• Scott pines away while giving Avitus space to grieve for Macen. Meanwhile, Avitus begins pining for Scott and feels guilty about it at first.

Female Ryder | Sara/Lexi T'Perro
• I would love to see Sara pining for Lexi knowing they can't be together because Lexi's a professional.
• Lexi angsting about having to be professional and falling in love anyway.
• Post-Hunting the Archon love confessions?
• Future fic where Lexi has transferred and Sara has stepped away from active Pathfinding, they decide they can finally let themselves have something they've wanted for a long time.
• Similarly to Harry/Scott below, this is one ship where Sara not being the Pathfinder could be interesting. Maybe they meet sometime post-game while Sara is recuperating?

Female Ryder | Sara/Reyes Vidal or Male Ryder | Scott/Reyes Vidal
• Post-saving Sloane scenario where Ryder has to contend with, what from his perspective, must seem like Reyes being unwilling to trust him. What that would mean for them going forward? Perhaps they meet again at a later time while the Pathfinder is path finding and they have a messy and complicated reunion of one sort or another. Maybe misunderstandings abound? Reyes thinking Ryder siding with Sloane was an indictment of him and not just a split-second decision or Ryder thinking Reyes wants them to be through because of what happened? Something like that. Or maybe nothing like that! I'd just love to see Ryder and Reyes reunite after Reyes's escape.
• Ryder understands that Reyes has to keep secrets, but that doesn't stop Ryder from doing his damnedest to uncover them whenever they find a thread to pull on in his Pathfinding adventures. Reyes can't say he's not proud or approving of how good Ryder gets at it. Maybe it becomes a game between them?

Gil Brodie/Male Ryder | Scott
• I wasn't expecting to like this romance path as much as I ended up liking it, but I really, really did. And I like the possibility of the somewhat unconventional family that Gil, Ryder, Jill, and the baby could form. However, it feels to me like the bit where Gil asks if you want to be a dad with him deserved way, way more conversation and consequences, particularly if you say you can't be responsible for a baby right now. Gil goes along with it, but when you play through as a female Ryder or he's unromanced or you say yes, you can tell Gil is super excited about it. So! I'd love to see some more of the fallout of a situation where Ryder says no to being a father with Gil. What sort of strains does it put on their relationship? Does Gil regret not fathering a child with Gil? Does Ryder wish he could've said yes or feel like he's holding Gil back from something he clearly wants?

Harry Carlyle/Male Ryder | Scott
• I imagine Ryder visited his sister a lot while she was in a coma. Presumably, then, he and Harry would've gotten to know one another. How might they bond? Do they get into interesting chats while Ryder sits with his sister?
• It's probably interesting to Harry, who was supposed to be on the Tempest with Ryder, to see Ryder in snapshot form when he occasionally returns to the Hyperion to check on his sister. What does he think about getting to witness Ryder's growth into his role as the Pathfinder? Does he ever regret staying behind?
• This one, I actually would love a look at what a non-Pathfinder male Ryder would be like and how his relationship with Harry might change once he's woken up and they've gotten to know one another while Ryder is recuperating.

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Mass Effect Trilogy
I have no preference on Shepard's backstory if it happens to come up, but I do prefer paragon Shepards or reluctantly paragade Shepards unless we're talking dark AUs where all the other characters are a little more hard-edged, too. However, if you spark on an idea involving a more renegade Shepard, that's fine, too!

I somewhat prefer default character names because they're less distracting to me, but this also isn't a super huge issue for me either. I like default male Shepard's appearance, but that's also nothing I'm super attached to as far as the character goes.

EDI/Female Shepard
I was completely despondent by being unable to romance EDI. As cute as I find EDI/Jeff, I really do love the idea of femShep falling for EDI (and EDI's sense of humor) and EDI doing the same in return.

• How exactly does EDI learn how to be romantic with Shepard when Shepard was the one she'd gone to for advice when it came to Jeff? And how spectacularly does it fail (in the best possible way, of course) because femShep is kind of a dorky failure all the time. And how much does it frustrate EDI when her overtures are misunderstood? And then how amazing is it when it ends well for all involved?

Garrus Vakarian/Adrien Victus
• Garrus clearly respects Victus a great deal and Victus seems relieved to see Garrus again when he returns from helping Victus's guys. I bet their time on Menae is incredibly stressful for both of them and given the state of the place, I bet they both probably thought they wouldn't be coming back from it. Maybe they come together based on that?
• Or maybe post-game, Palaven and the rest of the galaxy is rebuilding and they work closely in that capacity. Now that Shepard's bought everyone some peace, they have time to get to know one another and end up sharing interests and things progress from there.

Kaidan Alenko/Garrus Vakarian
• I feel like this ship is tailor-made for post-game angst. Maybe one or both of them have unresolved issues regarding Shepard and they work through it with each other and come to appreciate one another through that.
• Garrus is a show-off and I feel like he's the kind of show-off who's good at instigating the same behavior in others. It works on Shepard anyway. Kaidan is probably more immune to that sort of thing than most, so Garrus becomes determined to get Kaidan to let loose somehow. Maybe he does the turian equivalent of pulling Kaidan's ponytails? I don't even know what the turian equivalent of that would be, but I'd love to find out.

Kasumi Goto/Female Shepard
So the thing I like best about Kasumi is how interested in people she is. I love that she observes the crew and wants to talk about them and seems genuinely concerned about their well being. I love, too, that she seems specifically concerned about Shepard's well being, too.

• Kasumi gets really nosy about femShep's life and femShep finds herself incredibly flattered despite usually not thinking much about herself. She's always so "on" about saving the galaxy from Reapers and whatnot and Kasumi manages to stop her in her tracks all the time.
• They have to pretend to date for a heist-y type situation? Maybe they're not pretending as much as they think they are?

Miranda Lawson/Female Shepard
I love leader/XO relationships and I was so sad you couldn't romance Miranda as femShep. I love the growth of their relationship over the course of ME2, going from being distrustful to being totally loyal. I love that femShep can inspire and make Miranda feel better about her own issues regarding who she was born to be versus who she is.

• I just really want to see Miranda and femShep being loyal to one another and saving each other's asses and keeping each other in line and being true partners.

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Saints Row
Female Boss/Johnny Gat
Spoilers for Gat Out of Hell
I would love, love, love to see the fallout of Johnny getting the Boss back and her learning that he'd had the chance to choose to go to heaven to be with Aisha and Johnny deciding it wasn't his time. I'd also love it if his relationship with Aisha isn't downplayed to prop up Johnny/Boss, but I do like the idea of him wanting to live and have something with the Boss, too, while having him still respect and love Aisha.

Spoilers for Saints Row the Third and Saints Row IV
If you need inspiration, all of this (warning: video game violence and all the swearing) is the greatest catnip of all time. I mean, this is why I love them. Johnny and Boss being important to one another and working through their issues is everything I care about.

American Gods | Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon | Black Sails | Crossover Fandom | DC Cinematic Universe | Dragon Age | Mass Effect Andromeda | Mass Effect Trilogy | Saints Row | Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks
Note: I've been watching the new season as it airs on Showtime, but to be honest, I have no idea what's happening and I feel like it'll continue to be strange and incomprehensible for the foreseeable future, so if we match on this and you don't want to deal with new canon revelations, feel free to disregard it entirely. That said, if you're watching it, too, and you want to include new canon details, you're also welcome to do that.

For the ships where Audrey is involved, I'd prefer they take place after season two when she's at least a little bit older. And if you want to make Audrey an FBI agent for whatever reason, I would absolutely love it to death.

Dennis "Denise" Bryson/Dale Cooper/Audrey Horne
• I'd love to see an AU where Coop doesn't end up stuck in the Black Lodge. Maybe all the weirdness gets resolved somehow and he has to move on to other cases or works with Denise in the future or something. Then later they come back to Twin Peaks and meet up with Audrey again and they both feel something for her, too.

Dennis "Denise" Bryson/Audrey Horne
• I really loved how in awe of Denise Audrey was when they met. I've always been of the mind that Audrey might've been inspired by Denise to become an FBI agent herself. Maybe sometime down the line they meet back up again and that inspiration turns to admiration and love/romantic interest?

Dennis "Denise" Bryson/Dale Cooper
• Okay, so there has already been a bit of dancing, but I would love to see all the dancing between Denise and Coop. Do they go on a date? Are they completing a case and somehow it requires them to be undercover as dates and for whatever contrived reason slow dancing is required?
Spoilers for Twin Peaks Revival
• I actually really loved that Denise became the FBI's Chief of Staff and would love to see her helping to rescue Dale somehow or have a rescued Dale and her meet back up. I imagine he'd be beyond pleased to see Denise in a leadership role like that and seeing them catch up would be great.

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