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Space Swap Letter

Dear Creator,

Thank you so much for creating for me. I'm so excited to see what you make! Except for my DNWs, I'm totally open for whatever you want to do. If anything else in this letter seems interesting you, that's great! If not, that's great, too.

DNWs: adultery/cheating, character bashing, historical/mundane/modern/non-canon divergent AUs, kink, porn/smut (fade-to-black scenes are fine, scenes indicating sex is imminent are also fine)

Loves (in alphabetical order, no preference intended)

AUs: canon divergent AUs, canon-set AUs where characters might have another occupation, mirror!verse/dark side AUs, role reversal AUs
Themes: betrayal (except for cheating/adultery), characters presented with moral/ethical quandaries, finding and encouraging moments of joy in the midst of pain and suffering, loyalty, sacrifice (of self, reputation, others, etc.), "the road to hell is paved with good intentions," unrequited love, what makes good people good and what might make good people do bad things
Tropes: fake dating, five times fic, future/post-canon fic, misunderstandings and miscommunication, pining, power couples
Other Stuff: atmospheric/moody writing, character studies, close platonic relationships, confessions of love/confessions of love via actions taken, irreconcilable differences between characters, melancholic/bittersweet tone, moments of growing intimacy, pre-relationships and shippy gen, realistic romantic moments, sad/unhappy endings, sympathetic portrayals of flawed characters, unreliable narrators, unusual writing styles and POVs, worldbuilding details

Mass Effect
I have no preference on Shepard's backstory if it happens to come up, but I do prefer paragon Shepards. However, if you spark on an idea involving a more renegade Shepard, that's fine, too!

I somewhat prefer default character names because they're less distracting to me, but this also isn't a super huge issue for me.

Relationship: EDI/Female Shepard
I was completely despondent by being unable to romance EDI. As cute as I find EDI/Jeff, I really do love the idea of femShep falling for EDI (and EDI's sense of humor) and EDI doing the same in return.

• How exactly does EDI learn how to be romantic with Shepard when Shepard was the one she'd gone to for advice when it came to Jeff? And how spectacularly does it fail (in the best possible way, of course) because femShep is kind of a dorky failure all the time. And how much does it frustrate EDI when her overtures are misunderstood? And then how amazing is it when it ends well for all involved?

Relationship: EDI/Samantha Traynor
Look, I understand Sam Traynor's plight for I, too, find Tricia Helfer's voice incredible. So, like, I get it. And I feel for her. And I totally want Sam to be happy and what better way to be happy than getting an AI girlfriend?

• EDI learns how to flirt and practices on Samantha because she gets so wonderfully flustered. She keeps flirting so much that Sam starts to feel uncomfortable because she wants it to mean something, but she thinks EDI is just doing it because she can. EDI is not doing it because she can. EDI is doing it because she wants Sam to know she likes her.

Relationship: Kasumi Goto/Female Shepard
So the thing I like best about Kasumi is how interested in people she is. I love that she observes the crew and wants to talk about them and seems genuinely concerned about their well being. I love, too, that she seems specifically concerned about Shepard's well being, too.

• Kasumi gets really nosy about femShep's life and femShep finds herself incredibly flattered despite usually not thinking much about herself. She's always so "on" about saving the galaxy from Reapers and whatnot and Kasumi manages to stop her in her tracks all the time.
• They have to pretend to date for a heist-y type situation? Maybe they're not pretending as much as they think they are?

Relationship: Miranda Lawson/Female Shepard
I love leader/XO relationships and I was so sad you couldn't romance Miranda as femShep. I love the growth of their relationship over the course of ME2, going from being distrustful to being totally loyal. I love that femShep can inspire and make Miranda feel better about her own issues regarding who she was born to be versus who she is.

• I just really want to see Miranda and femShep being loyal to one another and saving each other's asses and keeping each other in line and being true partners.

Worldbuilding: Ramifications of First Contact War
I'm just really intrigued by the idea that there's some long, lingering tensions and resentments between humans and turians and would love to see this idea explored in even the most minute of ways. I ship Garrus/Femshep, so if you'd like to tie that into something regarding this, that seems cool and relevant and I'd love it, but I'm mostly interested in seeing what the First Contact War did to the relationship between humans and turians in general.

• What was it like in the immediate aftermath of the war? How do the politicians present it to their people? How does the news report on it? What are the journalistic think pieces about it like?

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story
I love this movie so much. I love all the characters so, so much. I love the ending more than I know how to deal with. However, I love and welcome and cherish happy ending AUs. In general, however, I'd love to see everyone survive if you go this route with these characters. I have this weird thing where the only angsty survival scenario I like is Bodhi Is The Only One Who Lives AUs, but that doesn't really work here except in one case where that would be totally welcome.

Relationship: Bodhi Rook/Galen Erso
This ship hurts my heart in the best possible way. I love that it's so full of subtext and could have beens and missed opportunities.

• I've seen a lot of stuff about Bodhi developing a crush on Galen, but what if it's Galen who sees something good and true in Bodhi that reminds him that not everything has to be about the lies he's told, the duplicitous work he's done. And he needs that from Bodhi more than he cares to admit.
• I would really, really love to see a Bodhi-and-Galen Live AU. Whether everyone else survives, too, is up to you, but I'd like to see both of them able to witness all the sacrifices they've made paid off. If you want to give them angst because Jyn died and maybe Bodhi feels responsible for that, I would be happy with that, but I would be equally happy to see them have a happy ending.
• Or if you want to go maximum-maximum angst. Galen survives Eadu and makes it to the Rebellion with Jyn and the others, but the Scarif mission still ends the way it does in the movie. Did he ever tell Bodhi how he felt?

Relationship: Cassian Andor/Jyn Erso/K-2SO
I love Cassian/Jyn and I love Cassian/K-2SO and I feel like antagonistic leading to genuine, if still antagonistic, caring Jyn/K-2SO would be amazing.

• I'd love to see the complications Jyn would bring to a Cassian/K-2 relationship (whether they're already together or not doesn't matter to me). Is Cassian conflicted about having feelings for Jyn? Is K-2 upset thinking he's been replaced in Cassian's affections? Is Cassian worried because he already doesn't know how to do feelings and now he has to deal with two beings who are very opinionated and stubborn and also don't do feelings well?
• Cassian has to act as the buffer between the two of them and he's largely okay with that. Then Jyn and K-2 bond over something and that tips the usual dynamic of their relationship in ways Cassian doesn't know how to deal with. Cue humor or angst about it.

Relationship: Cassian Andor/K-2SO
Ah, the human/droid relationship of my heart. I love how these two seem to be such loners, but they still care about one another a lot in their way. Based on Cassian's backstory as well as the Star Wars Propaganda book, I'm smitten with the idea that the Separatist use of droids during the Clone War helped inspire later anti-droid sentiments. The fact that Cassian is from a (at least in Legends' timeline) Separatist world would only make a relationship between him and a droid more fraught while he's in the Rebellion and that's super interesting to me.

• I would love either a humorous or angsty take on the idea that they're physically incompatible in some ways? And perhaps even sexually since I kind of feel like K-2 probably isn't terribly interested in intimate physical relations. Or hell, maybe Cassian isn't too into physical intimacy either, so perhaps it works for them even though the way they love one another is different than how other couples might behave.
• What do other people think of these two being together? Or thinking they're together? Or once they realize one or the other cares a whole lot more than might be expected?

Relationship: Orson Krennic/Mon Mothma
I like the potential these two bring to a relationship. They've been around since the Republic days and though they probably didn't run in the same circles, it feels like they may have been circle-adjacent? I'm enamored of the idea of lovers falling on opposing sides and I think they'd fit well into this trope. Besides which, the dichotomy between Mon Mothma's coolness and Krennic's hot-blooded temper is interesting.

• I feel like if they met, they'd probably not get along at first, what with Mon Mothma being all about peace and Krennic building a superweapon. But... maybe at one point they were both trying to reach the same conclusion through different means. And maybe they could grow to respect each other's methods. So... what would that look like?
• Perhaps they're in an established relationship when Palpatine becomes the Emperor. How does that change their relationship? Do they try to keep it going (though I suspect that wouldn't end well)?
• Post-relationship Mon Mothma doing everything she can do defeat him/make sure the Death Star is destroyed and decidedly refusing to wish it could've ended differently.

Worldbuilding: Rebel Spy Network
I would love to see anything regarding the day-to-day workings of the spy network and how it's being built. If you want to focus on Cassian's part in that, I'd be so happy, but I'm equally interested in anything. If you want to throw Ahsoka and Bail Organa in, yes, please. If you want to go with OCs, that would be equally amazing though.

• Spy organizations and the military can be kind of weird and insidious. You end up with all sorts of strange projects and strange people involved in them. Things like psychic spy programs and remote viewing programs, etc. etc. I imagine in a galaxy where the Force is real, there'd probably be non-Force users trying to exploit that for military/intelligence purposes. Does the Rebellion have people like that working for them? Do the Rebels know the Empire is researching [some esoteric topic meant to help quash the Rebellion/planets whatever] and they feel obligated to do the same? What would an esoteric military intelligence program even look like in a galaxy with the Force in it and how successful would it be?
• So, the Poe Dameron comics have C-3PO leading a droid spy network on behalf of the Resistance. I feel like at least some of that could possibly lead back to Cassian and K-2 and their shenanigans. Does C-3PO or other droids begin picking up some spycraft during this time? What would that look like?
• How are spies trained for the Rebellion?

Star Wars (Marvel Comics)

Relationship: Chelli Lona Aphra & Triple Zero
I love Triple Zero. He's one of my favorite murder droids. I love the relationship he has with Aphra, too, and the tension that seems to be growing as Aphra goes from how she is in Darth Vader to how she is in Aphra Ongoing. It seems like maybe she's developing or rediscovering her conscience and maybe Triple Zero won't be as happy with her for that.

• Triple Zero is getting frustrated that Aphra isn't letting him do as much torture and killing as she used to. Aphra has to figure out some other way to keep the droid occupied. Cue all sorts of shenanigans and hobbies? Does space laser tag exist? Does she adopt a lothcat and hope they bond? I don't know, but that sounds hilarious.
• Somehow, Aphra and the droids end up hooking up with the Rebellion. Because of K-2, they're all somewhat used to weird Imperial robots hanging around, but even Triple Zero gives them pause. Aphra has to play go-between for them.

Relationship: Chelli Lona Aphra/Luke Skywalker/Sana Starros
This is a bit of a strange one, I guess, but I really love several of the pairings involved here and the third, Aphra/or&Luke, is interesting because of Aphra's relationship with his father. For this one, though, I don't necessarily need Aphra and Luke to be sexually/romantically involved with Luke, though I think that could be interesting, too. They could both be there for Sana exclusively.

• Sana likes Luke. She still has feelings for Aphra. Things get complicated?
• Luke and Aphra bond over having feelings for Sana. Or Aphra, thinking she has no chance with Sana, sees Luke having feelings for her and decides to be the bigger person and help him out? Neither of them know that Sana cares about both of them.

Relationship: Chelli Lona Aphra/Sana Starros
They have such an intriguing, complicated relationship. There's clearly bad blood on both sides, but for that to be true, they have to care about one another a whole lot. I'd love to see that explored.

• The pair of them when they were younger and maybe less... cynical in their emotions toward one another. What leads them to hating each other so much?
• Aphra muses on how their lives have gone such different ways. Sana throws in occasionally with the Rebellion; Aphra, with Vader. What is that like for her?

Relationship: Lando Calrissian/Ssaria
Nothing created for this relationship has to be super shippy unless you want it to be, but I'd love to see Lando's thoughts about what he's doing and why he's doing it with her. I just really love the tension of Lando wooing someone as powerful as she is as part of a con.

• I would love to know how Lando feels about his relationship with Ssaria and the fact that she's a Moff and based on The Empire Strikes Back (and, like, the comics) we know Lando's not super into the Empire though he's willing to play ball. Is he surprised to find he likes her despite this fact? Or is he curious? Does he actually harbor some of the feelings he has for her in the beginning of the comic or is it all just a ruse? And how does he feel about that fact afterward? He sure seems earnest considering that he calls her a monster just a few minutes after we see panels where he acts like he cares for her. How much of what he says is true and how much of it is him telling himself it is?

Relationship: Luke Skywalker/Sana Starros
Luke/Scoundrels is my favorite ever and Sana's a great one. I love the way their relationship mirrors Han and Leia's in a way. I like that Sana gives Luke a hard time and Luke keeps coming back for more. I like that Luke is nothing like what Sana might seem to want and yet.

• Sana spends a lot of time pushing Luke away. He finally gets the hint. She's way less happy about it than she ought to be given how hard she pushed.
• Luke decides to show Sana he cares by doing nice things for her or whatever. It's all very sweet, but it seriously weirds her out and she maybe hurts his feelings and now she has to do damage control. Only she's not very good at being nice to people and no one around her knows how to help in that department.

Relationship: Pash Davane/Leia Organa
I have one Leia specific DNW and it's this: if you matched with me on this relationship or you want to create for it regardless, I'd appreciate no references to Leia Organa/Han Solo. They can still be good friends and I wouldn't want him bashed, but I would prefer they not have been together or have it implied that Han/Leia is endgame. Thanks for understanding!

This is my newest love. I'm so smitten with how conflicted Pash is about Leia and how Leia looks to someone outside of the Rebellion, who maybe doesn't know her as well as they (and the audience) does. I love that Leia has to break through her own shell to reach Pash and reveals some very deep truths about herself in the process. And normally I don't lose it about height differences, but Pash is so tall and strong and muscular and Leia is very small in comparison and that's amazing to me for them. It's such a new love, however, that I would love anything you might be inclined to create for it!

• I could see Pash having a crush on Leia that becomes what she thinks is unrequited love. But maybe, just maybe, it's requited.
• Pash is the one person who keeps Leia honest with herself.

Relationship: Poe Dameron/Terex
Terex so clearly cares more about getting his hands on Poe than he cares about the First Order and Poe's just... vastly unimpressed in return. Also, they're both snarky bastards, so, like... that's why. Basically: fun antagonistic relationship.

• Terex legitimately corners Poe somehow. Terex lets him go because the chase was always more fun anyway. Poe is kind of pissed off because Terex isn't playing the game right. He's gotta know Poe'll always figure his own way out. He doesn't have to go easy on Poe.
• Terex accidentally defects because Poe. He's not exactly happy about it (and Poe may or may not be happy about it, I'm sold on either for it because on the one hand I feel like Poe could probably hold a grudge against someone like Terex, who wouldn't, but Poe is also probably a pretty forgiving sort of guy under the right circumstances, so...). They then have to figure it out and work together. Somehow.
• FO Pilot Poe Dameron keeps hearing word about this rogue agent who keeps pissing all the brass off and he's intrigued because his favorite game is pissing the brass off and he needs to know the competition.

Worldbuilding: Shu-Torun Nobility
Shu-Torun is amazing and I have a friend who calls it hell Naboo which is just... perfect. I love all the little looks into the culture we get in The Shu-Torun War and I'd love to see more of the cutthroatness and beauty going on in the upper echelons.

• What is the Shu-Torun court like under Trios's rule? How does she grow into her role as Queen? What does having backing from Darth Vader do to her standing with the other nobles?
• What was Shu-Torun like when the Republic was still around?
• What sort of rules of the court are there? What is the day-to-day like? How does someone on the lower end of the nobility scale navigate life there?

Star Wars Original Trilogy
I just... really love Lando. Given what little EU content he gets, we get to see that he grows a lot from being a young scroundrel to becoming Baron Administrator to General and Hero of the Rebellion. I like seeing all of those time periods explored for him.

Relationship: Lando Calrissian/Biggs Darklighter
This is a little weird, but they're my excellent taste in capes faves. I think they'd be a lot of fun if they ever got to meet. They'd probably be pretty casual and fun and I'd love to see how an encounter for them might play out. Can be pre-ANH or a Biggs Lives AU.

• They run into one another on some random planet. Lando's running a con and pulls Biggs into it momentarily (Lando needs to pretend he's on a date as a distraction and finds the only unattached guy in a restaurant and offers to buy him dinner if he plays along) and they end up enjoying one another's company.
• They had something in the past for reasons and Lando gets an angsty surprise once he joins the Rebellion and learns Biggs died during the Battle of Yavin.

Relationship: Lando Calrissian/Biggs Darklighter/Luke Skywalker
In a scenario where Biggs survives until ESB, I think these three would hit it off really well. Both of my prompts below presuppose that Biggs and Luke are together, but if that's not interesting to you, I'd love to see any take where all of them figure out their relationship together.

• Biggs and Luke have been together since the early days of Luke joining the Rebellion, too. They're very happy together. And then Lando comes in and they both end up falling for him and it's awkward while they try to work out what to say to one another and to him and they're not even sure what they want because it's been Them for so long. They just never pictured Lando coming into their lives.
• Lando admires what Luke and Biggs has and he wants to experience something like that for himself. Luckily, both Luke and Biggs want to share their own love with him.

Relationship: Lando Calrissian/Luke Skywalker
I feel like there's a lot of potential for exploration here. They meet each other at a rather important moment in one another's life after all and there's a lot of space post-Return of the Jedi to play in. I think their temperaments would suit one another. I imagine, too, that Luke is a lonely man and feel like Lando would be good for him, just as I feel like it would be good for Lando to be with someone who is unshakably trusting and loyal and believes the best about people.

• Luke thinks he doesn't have time for romance, what with wanting to rebuild the Jedi Order after they've defeated the Empire. Lando proves him wrong.
• I once read a fic where Lando was working as a diplomat on behalf of the New Republic and Luke was his Jedi backup. The fic wasn't Lando/Luke, but I loved that premise and would love to see that backstory for them as a way for them to grow close and be together.
• Luke and Leia role-reversal where Luke is a prince and Lando is the scoundrel he falls in love with once they reach Bespin.

Relationship: Wedge Antilles/Lando Calrissian
• So, in Aftermath, it's mentioned that Lando helps Wedge come up with his cover story. I'd love to see how that plays out. And does Lando continue to help him out with spy-esque shenanigans? Do they go together on a spy-esque shenanigan (like... fake dating spy-esque shenanigans)? I don't know, but I'd like to find out.
• Wedge has a lot of experience with the pilots he's working with dying during fights with the Empire. I think Lando probably doesn't. How does Wedge help him with that?

Relationship: Wedge Antilles/Lando Calrissian/Luke Skywalker
They're part of a pretty exclusive "oh hey we destroyed a Death Star" club. That'd give them something fun to bond over. Or, alternatively, it would give them something to mourn/feel guilty about together. Either explorations would be great. I also love the idea of a kinda almost sweetheartish good guy, a loyal dude who just wants to get on with his job and serve the Republic, and a noble-hearted gambler all playing off of one another.

• Three-way pining and miscommunication? Luke thinks Wedge is into Lando? Wedge thinks Lando is into Luke? And obviously Wedge and Luke have been working together forever, it would be ridiculous for Lando to think they don't care a great deal about each other. But of course they all care about one another equally. How does this conundrum get resolved?

Star Wars Sequel Trilogy

Character: Finn
I love Finn so much. He's such a good man, but he's also got this huge weight on his shoulders from his time with the First Order that I could see leading him down a darker path. I love his sense of humor and just how exasperated with everything he gets.

I also love Finn Skywalker AUs and Prince!Finn AUs as well as Knight of Ren!Finn AUs.

If we matched on this tag and you want to include a Finn ship, I ship Finn/Rey, Finn/Phasma, and Finn/Kylo. However, I don't go in with the expectation of that and am equally thrilled with gen. If you want to focus on specific gen relationships, I also really love the above in gen configurations, Finn & Poe, Finn & Luke, Finn & Leia, Finn & Han, or any combo of the above.

• Finn training to be a Jedi is always going to be a huge good thing for me.
• Finn getting into fun shenanigans around the Resistance base.
• Post-defeat of the FO, what's Finn doing? How's he getting along? What might it mean for him to finally get to stop fighting.

Character: Poe Dameron
Poe Dameron is, like, my favorite character in the sequel trilogy. I love that he's a charming dork and is a good man and is loyal to a fault probably. I love that he has that devil-may-care attitude, but he's actually very responsible and cares a great deal about the people around him.

If for some reason you want to include a ship (though it's totally unnecessary and as I say in the Finn section, I neither expect to receive these nor would I be disappointed if I didn't), I ship Lando/Poe, Luke/Poe, Leia/Poe, and Poe/Terex. For gen relationships, I'm really open to anything, but I love Poe & Black Sqaudron, Poe & Karé & Iolo, Poe & Finn & Rey, and everything I ship in gen form.

• I imagine the pressure on Poe is pretty terrible and that whenever bad things happen, he takes it very, very personally. I will forever and always be here for stories that delve into how he handles grief.
• Like with Finn, I'd love to see how Poe adjusts to a post FO-galaxy. What does he do? Does he miss the war in some small way or at least the people he fought beside?

Relationship: Finn/Phasma
I find the nature of Finn and Phasma's relationship fascinating, especially the way she treats him as something of a protege while fully misconstruing everything about him. I wonder how that must feel to her. I kind of view Phasma as Finn's ultimate nemesis and vice-versa (maybe of the Kate Beaton variety for extra lols), too. She's the person he's got the most personal background with even though Kylo has sort of usurped biggest baddie position from her.

• I would love to see how Finn handles a captured and/or defecting Phasma and how that might play into the potential for grudging feelings they might develop for one another. Otherwise, I would love to see some flavor of canon AU. Finn's a senator for the New Republic and runs into Phasma during peace talks. Finn's a Jedi and Phasma's an Admiral in the Imperial Navy. Or something like that where it's still the Star Wars universe, but they fill different positions/canon has gone a different direction.
• I'm always up for Master of the Knights of Ren!Finn AUs.

Relationship: Finn/Rey
Finn/Rey is really such a sweet relationship. The characters fit together so well and their arcs in the movie are so complimentary. I would love anything that explores their dynamic post-TFA. Though I do see them as ultimately sweet, I do prefer looks at their relationship that are more than just that sweetness. Anything just a hint bittersweet would be so great.

• Assuming one of the goals for Rey (and hopefully Finn) will be to rebuild the Jedi order again, what would a relationship between them look like? Would they be concerned that they shouldn't? Would they feel Jedi-ish pressure to not be together?
• Mutual pining post-TFA where they feel like it's just not the right time to start something because war and continual separation (like, they both get sent separate places all the time because they're powerful and smart and good fighters and so much of the galaxy needs that that there's no justifying keeping them both in the same place). How much does it gut them when they finally reunite after a mission and they can't bring themselves to admit their feelings?
• Darkside AU where Rey and Finn are Knights of Ren?