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chocolate box exchange letter

Dear Creator,

Thank you so much for creating a gift for me. I hope more than anything that you enjoy what you created and I'm so excited to see it! I love every single one of these characters and relationships dearly. If you notice some sections being longer or more detailed, it doesn't mean I don't care about them all equally. I'm also equally interested in gen explorations and ship explorations of these relationships, so if you match me on a gen relationship and you notice I also have the ship equivalent listed or vice versa, don't feel like I really want the other one. I want both just the same.

Most importantly, except for my DNWs, I'm totally flexible on everything else. If none of my likes strike you, that's totally cool. If none of my prompts seem interesting, please feel free to go your own way, etc. If a prompt for one relationship sounds interesting to use with another, please do that. Whatever you want to do would be great!

DNWs: adultery/cheating, character bashing, historical/mundane/modern/non-canon divergent AUs (fic only), kink, porn/smut
Note: I have a few relationship specific DNWs. I talk about them in the relevant section, but they only apply if you're creating for that specific relationship.

Loves (in alphabetical order, no preference intended)

AUs: canon divergent AUs, mirror!verse/dark side AUs, role reversal AUs
Themes: betrayal (except for cheating/adultery), characters presented with moral/ethical quandaries, loyalty, sacrifice (of self, reputation, others, etc.), "the road to hell is paved with good intentions," unrequited love, what makes good people good and what might make good people do bad things
Tropes: fake dating, five times fic, future/post-canon fic, pining, power couples, misunderstandings and miscommunication
Other Stuff: atmospheric/moody writing, character studies, close platonic relationships, confessions of love, irreconcilable differences between characters, pre-relationships and shippy gen, melancholic/bittersweet tone, sad/unhappy endings, sympathetic portrayals of flawed characters, unreliable narrators, unusual writing styles and POVs

Art-specific Stuff: bright colors, cute AU interpretations of characters (in the case of art, I love all sorts of AUs, mundane/modern included), illustrations that tell a story, limited palettes, minimalist, exaggerated, and/or sketchy/brushstroke-y styles, tarot card designs

I don't have a lot of specific art prompts, mostly because I love all fanart, but I'm always a sucker for things like characters dancing together, dark interpretations of characters, holding hands/snuggling, hugging, kissing, and portraits. Anything you see up in the writing loves section that inspires/could apply to art is equally welcome!

I wouldn't call it a "love" exactly, but in case it isn't clear from how much I do love unhappy endings and bittersweetness (and considering a lot of the ships I ship), I'm also 100% great with works that explore character death if that's something you're also into. This applies to canons with characters for which that's true and for ones for which that isn't true. Basically, I'm good with character death.

I also don't have specific prompts for all of these relationships. I would still love to receive a creation for any of these relationships! I'm just more interested in anything that explores that relationship rather than wanting to see something specific.

Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon | Crossover Fandom | Dragon Age | Game of Thrones | Mass Effect | Rogue One: A Star Wars Story | Saints Row | Star Wars (Marvel Comics) | Star Wars Original Trilogy | Suicide Squad

Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon
I really, really love the dynamics Usagi shares with both Seiya and Haruka. I love how flustered she gets when they flirt with her and when they tease her. So anything involving that aspect of things would be great.

I'm most familiar with the 90s anime, but if you want to play with manga dynamics, that would be amazing, too. I haven't seen all of Crystal, but if you like the dynamic between Usagi and Haruka from it, I would be equally pleased with something from that property, too.

Seiya Kou/Tsukino Usagi
- I would enjoy reading about this relationship while Fighter is in her Three Lights guise or not, but if for some reason you were at all inclined to go with a post-series relationship in which she's no longer disguised as Seiya, I would love it forever.
- A story in which Mamoru really did make it to college and he and Usagi drifted apart would also be lovely, maybe with Usagi struggling with her feelings for Seiya and the process of moving on.

Art prompt: Sailor Moon visiting Fighter on Kinmoku.

Tenoh Haruka/Tsukino Usagi
- Haruka + flirting with Usagi = my OTP. I, too, would greatly enjoy anything involving Haruka wooing Usagi and succeeding wildly at it because let's be real Haruka would never fail at wooing anyone.

Art prompt: Haruka sweeping Usagi off her feet.

Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon | Crossover Fandom | Dragon Age | Game of Thrones | Mass Effect | Rogue One: A Star Wars Story | Saints Row | Star Wars (Marvel Comics) | Star Wars Original Trilogy | Suicide Squad

Crossover Fandom
These are both Rogue One crossover relationships. You're welcome to embrace or ignore the fallout from the end of Rogue One as you see fit.

Bodhi Rook/Luke Skywalker
I feel like these two would be really sweet together and I would love to see Bodhi getting to see and know that all the sacrifices that had been made by himself and the rest of the Rogue One crew were worth it.

Spoilers for Rogue One
- Maybe Bodhi is the only survivor and he has to contend with that. Cue Luke coming into the picture and becoming a spark of something good for Bodhi? And maybe Luke is incredibly enamored of Bodhi's bravery.
- Cute, awkward getting together?

Art prompt: Luke showing Bodhi how to fly an X-wing.

Jyn Erso & Wedge Antilles
I think it would be interesting to see these two interact? Jyn's got a chip on her shoulder about people who work for the Empire, I would imagine, and Wedge, thanks to Rebels, is now someone who formerly, though only for a moment, worked for the Empire. It would be interesting to see how that might play out.

Art prompt: Wedge watching Jyn head off to lead the Scarif mission.

Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon | Crossover Fandom | Dragon Age | Game of Thrones | Mass Effect | Rogue One: A Star Wars Story | Saints Row | Star Wars (Marvel Comics) | Star Wars Original Trilogy | Suicide Squad

Dragon Age
I have a slight preference for Mage Trevelyans as far as backstories go if it's not otherwise specified, and Mage backstories in general all the way around, but I would be happy to receive works about these relationships that feature any of the Inquisitor's backstories.

I do prefer creations that use the default character names just because it's the least distracting to me, but it's not bothersome enough to be a DNW, so if you absolutely don't want to use the default names, that's fine.

If you're at all inclined to explore the alternate timelines set up by the Champions of the Just/In Hushed Whispers where either the Envy demon succeeds in taking over as the Inquisitor or the time between when the Inquisitor disappears from Redcliffe and returns in the future, that would be amazing.

Alistair/Female Inquisitor
In this case, I also have a slight preference for Inquisition-era Warden Alistair and how much he's grown and changed in the years since DAO, but I'm also open to and would love an exploration of a relationship between the Inquisitor and the King of Ferelden. Power couple Alistair/Inquisitor? Political marriage? The possibilities there are endless, too.

- Perhaps Alistair fell in love with the Warden and after she died destroying the archdemon he didn't think he'd ever find another woman who awoke similar feelings in him. Then he meets the Inquisitor, who is maybe entirely different from her, but still striking. How might he grapple with these feelings? Would he do anything about them?
- The Inquisitor decides to save Alistair in the Fade. What sort of fallout might this incur if he thinks she only did it out of affection for him even if she didn't? (Maybe she recognized that this was Hawke's situation to handle/thought that Weisshaupt needed Alistair, etc.) I feel like Alistair would feel particularly guilty if he thought this was the case and might take it out on the Inquisitor.

Art prompt: Alistair doing something chivalrous/being knightly for the Inquisitor.

Dorian Pavus & Sera
Listening to the banter where these two get to know one another and become friends despite their origins and biases is one of the great joys I take in the game.

- I would love to see a work centering on the unique ways they care about one another and the ways they show it. Perhaps they confound the rest of the Inquisition with their friendship? Otherwise, any sort of fun shenanigans between them would be great.

Art prompt: Dorian cutting Sera's hair, Dorian and Sera getting up to some mischief.

Female Adaar/Cullen Rutherford
Because Cullen is a former Templar, I find romantic relationships that include mage Inquisitors to be the most compelling, so if you're willing to create a work for mage Adaar here, I would love that.

- I would love to see anything about them getting to know one another and finding some common ground and working together on behalf of the Inquisition.
- Perhaps Cullen starts off suspicious of her because she was the only one who survived the Conclave and because he remembers what happened with the Arishok and the other Qunari back in Kirkwall, though I think by now he's learned a little bit about how to not judge one person based on the actions of some. How do they learn to trust one another? Alternately, does he trust her more because she's Tal-Vashoth?

Art prompt: The rampart kiss except with Adaar! Or hugging with height difference!

Female Inquisitor & Dorian Pavus
One of my favorite relationships in the game is the friendship between the f!Inquisitor and Dorian. I love how close they are, the banter between them, everything about how much they come to matter to one another.

I would prefer anything created for this relationship not focus on them discussing their potential romances.

- I would love to see anything exploring Dorian having a hard time adjusting post-game to the both of them drifting from one another's orbits because of duty. I imagine it would be hard on both of them to not be able to speak with one another all the time.
- Alternatively, I would also enjoy anything focusing on them during the events of or in the aftermath of Trespasser. What would the Inquisitor coming to Tevinter look like?

Art prompt: Dorian and the Inquisitor playing chess, Dorian and the Inquisitor in Tevinter-style garb.

Female Inquisitor & Varric Tethras
- More fallout of leaving Hawke in the Fade. How does the Inquisitor feel about it? How does Varric? Do they talk about Hawke with one another?
- I'm kind of a sucker for contrasting Varric's relationship with Hawke with Varric's relationship with the Inquisitor. The scene where he and Cassandra are yelling at one another and Cassandra's focused on what Hawke could have done if (s)he was the Inquisitor and Varric says the Inquisition has a leader/that he thinks Hawke would be dead were especially compelling. So anything that looks at Varric's relationship with the Inquisitor in light of what his relationship with Hawke is like would be great. Particularly if he admires the Inquisitor greatly, too, but in different ways from Hawke.

Art prompt: Varric and the Inquisitor bonding over Varric's work.

Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon | Crossover Fandom | Dragon Age | Game of Thrones | Mass Effect | Rogue One: A Star Wars Story | Saints Row | Star Wars (Marvel Comics) | Star Wars Original Trilogy | Suicide Squad

Game of Thrones
Regarding Cersei, I love her to pieces, flaws and all. If you decide to write her, have at every single one of those flaws if you'd like.

Regarding Sansa, I love stories set in a post-canon world (feel free to handwave the White Walkers if you'd like, whether they're defeated or not is one of the less compelling things about the show to me, though if you'd like to include them I'm not opposed either) where she's Queen of the North and/or takes the Iron Throne.

If for some reason you want to go a War of the Five Queens style route (Cersei, Sansa, Dany, Yara, and Ellaria all pushing for the Throne) as a backdrop for any of these relationships, I would be infinitely grateful.

Cersei Lannister & Qyburn
- I love, love, LOVE Qyburn's weird loyalty to Cersei and how Cersei in return lets him do every strange thing that comes into his head basically. I would love to see more of their dynamic and whether Cersei has any genuine affection for him and what Qyburn gets out of it.
- What's it like serving as Hand of the first Queen of Westeros?
- Below I talk about how Sansa & Baelish are mirrored by Dany & Varys. In a way, Cersei & Qyburn are a third mirror for those relationships and I'd love to see how Qyburn jockeys and spies on behalf of his Queen.

Art prompt: Queen Cersei with Qyburn watching over her from beside the Iron Throne.

Ellaria Sand & Olenna Tyrell
I just about lost my mind when I saw these two interacting in season six and I would love anything showing them interacting even more. Just... literally anything. I don't even have any real prompts that's how much I want everything.

- However, if you want to show them scheming even more, that would be great.
- Or, I suppose having them mourn their lost, broken families would be amazing, too, especially if they tried to be nasty at one another to cover the immensity of their feelings, that would be perfect.

Art prompt: Ellaria and Olenna scheming together in Dorne.

Petyr Baelish & Varys
- In my mind, Baelish's relationship with Sansa is mirrored in Varys's relationship with Dany. I'd love to think that even while they're working for their own respective Queens, they're keeping tabs on one another and trying to figure out what plays they'll need to make against one another. I sort of see them as the spy equivalent of the unstoppable force meeting an immovable object (though which is which probably varies by the day of the week or the phase of the moon or something), so perhaps an exploration of them thwarting one another's schemes as they jockey for power for Sansa or Dany would be fun?

Art prompt: Perhaps an image of them after a meeting of the high council?

Sansa Stark/Petyr Baelish
If these characters get together in the work you create, I would greatly prefer it if that work is set in the future when Sansa is older. If it remains a nebulous possibility/subtextual/similar to their current romantic dynamics in canon, then I'm fine with works that explore their relationship as it's presented.

I do read Baelish as having genuine feelings for her or believing himself to have them—for whatever value of genuine you can give to most of the characters in Game of Thrones anyway—and if nothing else, she's his weakness and for a man like Baelish that's probably as close to love as he ever needs to get.

- So season six makes it clear that Baelish wants himself on the Iron Throne with Sansa at his side, but it should so totally end up being Sansa on the Throne with him at her side. How is that accomplished and/or how does Baelish react? Does he secretly enjoy having been played by Sansa?
- I've always felt that the mistake Baelish made leaving Sansa in the Boltons' hands was a genuine one and rested on the fact that, whatever he'd heard about Ramsay (which I think was... nothing that Roose didn't want out there), he believed Sansa was more than capable of handling it. I think this is probably the first big misstep in what will become a bigger list of them in season seven, but how does he justify it to himself given what he wants from Sansa and what he feels for her?

Art prompt: Queen Sansa's marriage to Prince Consort Baelish.

Sansa Stark & Petyr Baelish
- Sansa becomes the ruthless manipulator Petyr has been training her to be. And she'll do whatever it takes to protect what's hers (whatever that might be). How does their relationship change to reflect that fact? Does Baelish try to make a play against her?
- Post-season six exploration of Sansa's disillusionment of Jon's sudden spike in power at Winterfell. How does Baelish exploit that? And how does Sansa let herself be exploited? Do they manage to get Winterfell back under her sway?

Art prompt: Baelish is conferring with Queen Sansa about something.

Syrio Forel & Arya Stark
- I love the idea that Syrio is a Faceless Man (or maybe even Jaqen H'ghar), so if you want to go with that, I would love it. And exploring Arya's time in Braavos or her time in Harrenhal with Jaqen if she were to discover this fact would be AMAZING.
- I would love to see Syrio telling Arya some about what it was like to be the First Sword of Braavos. Or any stories really. I just want more of Arya and Syrio interacting at any point in time for any reason.
- Hell, even Syrio surviving season one and going with Arya on her adventures and how that would change what happened to Arya would be great, too.

Art prompt: Sword fighting! An older Arya still learning from an older Syrio! Both of them in Braavos.

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Mass Effect
Unlike with Dragon Age, I have no preference on Shepard's backstory if it happens to come up, but I do prefer paragon Shepards. However, if you spark on an idea involving a more renegade Shepard, that's fine, too!

I somewhat prefer default character names here like I do above for Dragon Age, but this also isn't a super huge issue for me in this case either.

EDI/Female Shepard
I was completely despondent by being unable to romance EDI. As cute as I find EDI/Jeff, I really do love the idea of femShep falling for EDI (and EDI's sense of humor) and EDI doing the same in return.

- How exactly does EDI learn how to be romantic with Shepard when Shepard was the one she'd gone to for advice when it came to Jeff? And how spectacularly does it fail (in the best possible way, of course) because femShep is kind of a dorky failure all the time. And how much does it frustrate EDI when her overtures are misunderstood? And then how amazing is it when it ends well for all involved?

Art prompt: Shepard makes a grand romantic gesture for EDI.

EDI/Samantha Traynor
Look, I understand Sam Traynor's plight for I, too, find Tricia Helfer's voice incredible. So, like, I get it. And I feel for her. And I totally want Sam to be happy and what better way to be happy than getting an AI girlfriend?

- EDI learns how to flirt and practices on Samantha because she gets so wonderfully flustered. She keeps flirting so much that Sam starts to feel uncomfortable because she wants it to mean something, but she thinks EDI is just doing it because she can. EDI is not doing it because she can. EDI is doing it because she wants Sam to know she likes her.

Art prompt: shy Sam upon seeing EDI's form for the first time.

Kasumi Goto/Female Shepard
So the thing I like best about Kasumi is how interested in people she is. I love that she observes the crew and wants to talk about them and seems genuinely concerned about their well being. I love, too, that she seems specifically concerned about Shepard's well being, too.

- Kasumi gets really nosy about femShep's life and femShep finds herself incredibly flattered despite usually not thinking much about herself. She's always so "on" about saving the galaxy from Reapers and whatnot and Kasumi manages to stop her in her tracks all the time.
- They have to pretend to date for a heist-y type situation? Maybe they're not pretending as much as they think they are?

Art prompt: Intergalactic space thief girlfriends getting ready to go steal some cool shit.

Kasumi Goto & Female Shepard
- I think the first prompt I gave or Kasumi/Shepard would work equally well here (though without the romantic aspect obviously). I'd love to see Kasumi talking to Shepard and really wanting to get to know her and Shepard being unsure how to respond since it's always (partially through the game's mechanics admittedly) Shepard getting to know the crew.

Art prompt: Kasumi and Shepard sitting together in Kasumi's space sharing a drink?

Miranda Lawson/Female Shepard
I was always a little sad you couldn't romance Miranda as a female Shepard. I found their relationship deeply compelling, the way they start all prickly and abrupt and slowly they earn each other's trust. I love the version of Shepard that gets insights into Miranda's insecurities and tries to make her feel better about them. Also, it doesn't hurt that in some ways, Miranda is Shepard's right hand.

- Post-ME3, Shepard somehow survives and finds Miranda, who was so very sure Shepard had died back in London. How does Miranda react to that?

Art prompt: Miranda and Shepard reuniting on the Citadel.

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Rogue One: A Star Wars Story
This movie is kind of... brutal to the characters. I am absolutely happy to receive a creation that deals with that, but I'm also perfectly happy with anything that might ignore that fact all together.

Also, this fandom is still really new, so I would genuinely be open to any exploration of these relationships.

Cassian Andor/Jyn Erso
I would love all the cute trope-y, everybody lives AU happiness or all the angst-y what might have and should have beens. Seriously, anything, anything goes for these two.

- If for some reason, you wanted to show them in the aftermath of Endor and building a new life together, that would be amazing.

Art prompt: I would love anything cute and joyful for these two right now.

Cassian Andor/Jyn Erso/K-2SO
I feel like K-2 is probably very, very jealous and possessive of Cassian in ways he doesn't want to acknowledge and I feel like at least half of his loathing for Jyn comes from that fact. I would love for it to be complicated and messy for them, even though they might all care for one another deeply.

- Cassian reassures K-2 that he's still important to Cassian and through Cassian's feelings for Jyn, K-2 begins to see what Cassian sees in her.
- Jyn and K-2 get into a competitive feelings tournament over who cares about Cassian more. Everyone wins in the end.
- Unrequited pining for both Cassian and Jyn on K-2's side would probably be deliciously evil and mean, but I would love it.

Art prompt: K-2 is confused by people liking him.

Cassian Andor & Jyn Erso & K-2SO
I feel like K-2SO would still be incredibly jealous and possessive of Cassian in ways he doesn't want to acknowledge and I still feel like half of his loathing for Jyn comes from this fact.

- Failed mission shenanigans? Cassian and Jyn get themselves into trouble again. And it's up to heroic K-2SO to jump into the fray and save them. Again. It's like this every. Single. Time. And yet, neither one of you want to bring me with you on these things. It'll give a droid a complex is what it'll do.

Art prompt: Cassian, Jyn, and K-2 being badass on a mission together?

Cassian Andor/K-2SO
So, to be entirely honest, I see these two characters as being... kind of loner-y and on their own a lot? It doesn't seem like Cassian has a lot of friends and I feel like there probably aren't a whole lot of people on the base who wants to hang out with K-2, so they're kind of on their own. So anything that spins that in a more romantic direction would be cool.

- I would love either a humorous or angsty take on the idea that they're physically incompatible in some ways? And perhaps even sexually since I kind of feel like K-2 probably isn't terribly interested in intimate physical relations. Or hell, maybe Cassian isn't too into physical intimacy either, so perhaps it works for them even though the way they love one another is different than how other couples might behave.

Art prompt: K-2SO tries to do something nice and dating ritual-y for Cassian.

Galen Erso/Bodhi Rook
- I've seen a lot of stuff about Bodhi developing a crush on Galen, but what if it's Galen who sees something good and true in Bodhi that reminds him that not everything has to be about the lies he's told, the duplicitous work he's done. And he needs that from Bodhi more than he cares to admit.
- Galen almost doesn't push Bodhi to defect.

Art prompt: Saying goodbye before Bodhi goes off to find Saw.

Galen Erso & Bodhi Rook
- Bodhi's thoughts on Scarif as he's saying 'For Galen.'
- Bodhi privately mourning for Galen after Eadu.

Art prompt: Galen explaining some minor interest of his to Bodhi.

Jyn Erso & Bodhi Rook
I loved the moment of recognition between these two and their ability to bond, even if only for a moment, over the both of them knowing her father.

- I imagine it would be a bit painful for Jyn knowing that there was a man out there who had known her father better than she ever could, who had better memories of him than she did. She very deliberately doesn't seek him out and ask about Bodhi's time with Galen, but perhaps Bodhi asks her about her time with him?

Art prompt: Bodhi and Jyn sitting together and talking.

Orson Krennic/Mon Mothma
I like the potential these two bring to a relationship. They've been around since the Republic days and though they probably didn't run in the same circles, it feels like they may have been circle-adjacent? I'm enamored of the idea of lovers falling on opposing sides and I think they'd fit well into this trope. Besides which, the dichotomy between Mon Mothma's coolness and Krennic's hot-blooded temper is interesting.

- I feel like if they met, they'd probably not get along at first, what with Mon Mothma being all about peace and Krennic building a superweapon. But... maybe at one point they were both trying to reach the same conclusion through different means. And maybe they could grow to respect each other's methods. So... what would that look like?
- Perhaps they're in an established relationship when Palpatine becomes the Emperor. How does that change their relationship? Do they try to keep it going (though I suspect that wouldn't end well)?
- Post-relationship Mon Mothma doing everything she can do defeat him/make sure the Death Star is destroyed and decidedly refusing to wish it could've ended differently.

Art prompt: younger Mon Mothma seeing Krennic in his Imperial uniform for the first time and being deeply saddened by it.

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Saints Row
Female Boss/Johnny Gat
Spoilers for Gat Out of Hell
I would love, love, love to see the fallout of Johnny getting the Boss back and her learning that he'd had the chance to choose to go to heaven to be with Aisha and Johnny deciding it wasn't his time. I'd also love it if his relationship with Aisha isn't downplayed to prop up Johnny/Boss, but I do like the idea of him wanting to live and have something with the Boss, too.

Art prompt: I thought the Boss's confession to Johnny was one of the sweeter and more romantic things I've ever seen, so a fanart version of that kiss would be amazing.

Female Boss & Johnny Gat
Spoilers for Saints Row the Third and Saints Row IV
If you need inspiration, all of this (warning: video game violence and all the swearing) is the greatest catnip of all time. I mean, this is why I love them. Johnny and Boss being important to one another and working through their issues is everything I care about.

Art prompt: Genki Bowl shenanigans! Any sort of shenanigans really!

Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon | Crossover Fandom | Dragon Age | Game of Thrones | Mass Effect | Rogue One: A Star Wars Story | Saints Row | Star Wars (Marvel Comics) | Star Wars Original Trilogy | Suicide Squad

Star Wars (Marvel Comics)
Lando Calrissian/Ssaria
- I would love to know how Lando feels about his relationship with Ssaria and the fact that she's a Moff and based on The Empire Strikes Back (and, like, the comics) we know Lando's not super into the Empire. Is he surprised to find he likes her despite this fact? Or is he curious? Does he actually harbor some of the feelings he has for her in the beginning of the comic or is it all just a ruse? And how does he feel about that fact afterward? He sure seems earnest considering that he calls her a monster just a few minutes after we see panels where he acts like he cares for her.

Art prompt: Lando wooing the fiend of Castell.

Leia Organa & Eneb Ray
I found the development of Eneb Ray in the Annual and the Rebel Jail arc to be fascinating. I'm a sucker for spies who sacrifice everything for the cause and get burned for it.

- I would love to see an exploration of Leia's feeling about the situation with Eneb Ray whether in the aftermath of the Annual or the conclusion of the Rebel Jail arc. I think she'd carry a bit of guilt around within her regarding it and how it seems like the people who take on spying for the Rebellion end up sacrificing so much of themselves to it and she wishes it could be another way.
- She tries to make good on her promise that she'll help him and that she won't give up on him. It's... harder than she thought to keep running up against that wall.

Art prompt: Leia and Eneb meeting for the first time.

Luke Skywalker/Sana Starros
Every Skywalker descendant needs a scoundrel in his or her life and Sana is the best.

- All the trope-y miscommunication for these two, please! Luke doesn't think Sana likes him. Sana thinks Sana doesn't like him. Luke for a fact knows he likes Sana, but he keeps it under wraps. It doesn't work out for them.
- I'm generally not given to Jedi-no-attachment related angst, but I feel like they meet at a time when Luke might still be trying to figure out what kind of Jedi he wants to be and what parts of the Jedi code will best serve him and the galaxy at large going forward. That could generate some interesting conflict, I think. I'd like to see how something like that would play out and whether they could find their way to one another through it and how Luke might reconcile it.

Art prompt: Kissing! So much kissing!

Phasma & Terex
I find the antagonism between these two absolutely compelling and deeply, deeply amusing. We get to see a lot of Terex's side of things, but what about Phasma? How does she really feel about him?

Art prompt: Terex pushes Phasma too far and she draws a blaster on him.

Poe Dameron/Terex
Terex so clearly cares more about getting his hands on Poe than he cares about the First Order and Poe's just... vastly unimpressed in return. Also, they're both snarky bastards, so, like... that's why. Basically: fun antagonistic relationship.

- Terex legitimately corners Poe somehow. Terex lets him go because the chase was always more fun anyway. Poe is kind of pissed off because Terex isn't playing the game right. He's gotta know Poe'll always figure his own way out. He doesn't have to go easy on Poe.
- Terex accidentally defects because Poe. He's not exactly happy about it (and Poe may or may not be happy about it, I'm sold on either for it because on the one hand I feel like Poe could probably hold a grudge against someone like Terex, who wouldn't, but Poe is also probably a pretty forgiving sort of guy under the right circumstances, so...). They then have to figure it out and work together. Somehow.

Art prompt: I would love anything for these two! Antagonistic kissing! Antagonistic glaring! Antagonistically working together!

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Star Wars Original Trilogy
Lando Calrissian/Luke Skywalker
I feel like there's a lot of potential for exploration here. They meet each other at a rather important moment in one another's life after all and there's a lot of space post-Return of the Jedi to play in. I think their temperaments would suit one another. I imagine, too, that Luke is a lonely man and feel like Lando would be good for him, just as I feel like it would be good for Lando to be with someone who is unshakably trusting and loyal and believes the best about people.

- I once read a fic where Lando was working as a diplomat on behalf of the New Republic and Luke was his Jedi backup. The fic wasn't Lando/Luke, but I loved that premise and would love to see that backstory for them as a way for them to grow close and be together.
- Luke and Leia role-reversal where Luke is a prince and Lando is the scoundrel he falls in love with once they reach Bespin.

Art prompt: Prince Luke and Baron Administrator Calrissian meeting one another.

Wedge Antilles/Lando Calrissian/Luke Skywalker
They're part of a pretty exclusive "oh hey we destroyed a Death Star" club. That'd give them something fun to bond over. Or, alternatively, it would give them something to mourn/feel guilty about together. Either explorations would be great. I also love the idea of a kinda almost sweetheartish good guy, a loyal dude who just wants to get on with his job and serve the Republic, and a noble-hearted gambler all playing off of one another.

Art prompt: The three of them relaxing together in private.

Wedge Antilles/Leia Organa
For this relationship, I would prefer no mentions of Han/Leia whether they've broken up, not gotten together, or were never together at all. Thanks a bunch.

- SORTA SPOILERS for Aftermath: Life Debt In a world where Leia hasn't gotten involved with Han, how does Leia feel about Wedge risking his career and life to help her throughout Aftermath: Life Debt? END SPOILERS
- So, Wedge is loyal. How about hearing about a time Leia was loyal in return and what that might mean for their relationship.

Art prompt: Wedge and Leia celebrating on Endor.

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Suicide Squad
Amanda Waller/Bruce Wayne
I really like the idea that Amanda's got one over on Bruce and the tension between what she's doing with the Suicide Squad and what he's doing with the Justice League. I also feel like Amanda's one of the only people who's not impressed with Bruce, probably knows who he is, and he comes to feel like he needs to impress her and then he falls in love when it doesn't work.

Art prompt: Waller has Bruce up against a wall and kissing him.

Amanda Waller & Bruce Wayne
- What sort of protection does Waller need/want from Bruce Wayne?
- Waller turns into a constant pain in Bruce Wayne/Batman's ass. How and why?
- Bruce respects Waller more than he cares to admit. How does that play out?

Art prompt: Amanda and Bruce are working together on some project.

Floyd Lawton/Harleen Quinzel
I love everything about Floyd and Harley and how they interacted throughout Suicide Squad and I find the sorta triangle between him, Harley, and the Joker fascinating, how Floyd encourages her to "stay evil" while also somehow encouraging by example the more heroic impulses in her as the Joker tries to drag her back to his world. That and this movie is just really fun and goofy and I'd love to see fun fic for these two.

References to past Harley/Joker are fine, but I would prefer that Harley and the Joker aren't together now within whatever context you might create something here.

- I'd love to see them bonding over minor annoyances they come across in their work as members of the Suicide Squad or about prison or something.
- Because they spend so much of their time separated in Belle Reve, they have to make the most of what contact they can get with one another when they're on the inside.
- How does Floyd react upon learning that Harley's been freed from Belle Reve?

Art prompt: Floyd patching Harley up after she's injured.

George "Digger" Harkness/Amanda Waller
- "Why don't we start having some fun" though. I just want to see all the fic where Harkness tries standing up to Waller and keeps getting slapped down and falls in love or respect or something all the while and hates it. Whether Waller goes for it or not is up to you as I think the idea that Harkness nurses a hopeless, helpless crush on Waller—and she knows it and exploits it—is great, but so is Waller somehow getting to see his charms.

Art prompt: I'm deeply, deeply inspired by this, so anything having him looking cowed would be amazing.

Harleen Quinzel/Amanda Waller
Harley Quinn: "Are you the devil?"
Amanda Waller: "Maybe."

The above was one of my favorite bits of interaction in Suicide Squad and I would love to see more of Harley and Amanda's dynamic explored. I imagine they'd make quite the pair.

- What happens when Amanda finds out Harley's been sprung from prison? Does she get her back? (Yes.) Is Harley happy about it? (Probably more than she should be.)

Art prompt: Waller shows just how much of a devil she can be.

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