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yuletide exchange letter

Dear Writer,

Firstly, thank you so much for offering to write for me. I'm incredibly excited about whatever you come up with already and I can't wait to see it. Every single one of these fandoms are ones I love dearly. As a heads up, I'd like to let you know that some fandoms longer sections or more prompts than others and I just want to assure you that I would love to receive a gift for any of them.

DNWs: character bashing, mundane/modern AUs, porn, kink, ships I haven't specifically included in this letter as ships I enjoy, though I like angst I'm not really into characters being woobiefied because of it

Loves: pining, melancholy/bittersweet stories, getting together stories, role reversal AUs, mirror!verse AUs, sad endings, moments of earned happiness after or between hard times, wintry settings and wintry holidays, gen and ship fic alike, misunderstandings and miscommunication, stubbornness and stoicism in characters, pre-relationship interactions where it's clear the characters will one day get together, five times fics

Likes: loyalty, banter, flirting, kissing, unexpected bonding, canon-divergent AUs, post-canon fic, future fic, characters stuck in moral and ethical quandaries who are then forced to make difficult decisions, atmospheric/moody writing, unusual writing styles and POVs, sympathetic portrayals of flawed characters, fake dating

Themes I love to see explored: betrayal, sacrifice (of self, of reputation, of loved ones and others, all sorts of sacrifice really), what makes people good and the hard decisions/ramifications that go along with goodness, "the road to hell is paved with good intentions," unrequited love

I've included ships I enjoy in case that serves as some inspiration for you, but nothing you write for me has to include them and I would be equally happy with a non-shippy fic.

Also, feel free to mix and match prompts or go your own way entirely. I'm just happy for more content about the characters I enjoy.

Northanger Abbey - Jane Austen | Star Wars: Bloodline - Claudia Gray | Star Wars Legends: Knights of the Old Republic | Suicide Squad | The Traitor Baru Cormorant - Seth Dickinson | Twin Peaks | Crueltide Prompts

Northanger Abbey - Jane Austen
Catherine Morland // Eleanor Tilney // Henry Tilney
Ships: Catherine Morland/Henry Tilney

I absolutely adore the warm relationship these three share and would love to see that explored in some way. Despite my lists of general loves up top leaning toward angst, I would adore an unabashedly fluffy tale about these three. Something warm and wintry and comforting would be nice.

• Post-novel, perhaps an evening with the three of them around the holidays enjoying one another's company.
• I presume Catherine has somewhat learned her lesson regarding novels, but I bet she still enjoys the literary drama from time to time. How does she indulge this in herself? Or perhaps for once it's Mr. Tilney who displays some special enthusiasm for reading.
• I adore Eleanor and would love to see her thoughts about both Henry and Catherine and how much they mean to her.

Northanger Abbey - Jane Austen | Star Wars: Bloodline - Claudia Gray | Star Wars Legends: Knights of the Old Republic | Suicide Squad | The Traitor Baru Cormorant - Seth Dickinson | Twin Peaks | Crueltide Prompts

Star Wars: Bloodline - Claudia Gray
Ransolm Casterfo
Ships: Ransolm Casterfo/Leia Organa (Note: though I totally ship these two, I am also aware that Leia hasn't been nominated for this exchange/fandom, so I consider anything that alludes to this ship a bonus and not at all expected or required. Seriously, I would love any Casterfo-centric content, not just ship content.)

Spoilers for Bloodline follow.

I love how Casterfo is a more complex than usual good guy for Star Wars and kind of contradictory. Admires the Empire, is from a world that was exploited by the Empire. Hates Darth Vader, ends up having to deal with his admiration for Darth Vader's daughter. Supported the reinstatement of the death penalty on his home world, ends up... in enough trouble that he is sentenced to death and sent back to his home world.

• How does Casterfo even get into contact with Imperial LARPers anyway? And why does he decide obtaining Imperial gear is the way for him to show his dubious appreciation of what they'd been doing?
• In case he does survive his death sentence, I could see him joining the Resistance. How does he fit into the organization? I could see him chafing a bit at it despite believing it's the right place for him to be.
• How does Casterfo react when he finds out Han has died?

Northanger Abbey - Jane Austen | Star Wars: Bloodline - Claudia Gray | Star Wars Legends: Knights of the Old Republic | Suicide Squad | The Traitor Baru Cormorant - Seth Dickinson | Twin Peaks | Crueltide Prompts

Star Wars Legends: Knights of the Old Republic
Carth Onasi // Female Revan // HK-47
Ships: Carth Onasi/Female Revan

For whatever reason, I was absolutely charmed at the discovery that HK-47 originally belonged to Revan and the reunion scene between them was kind of bizarrely nice and I loved the touch of humor HK-47 gives to the original Revan when he relays the origin of calling people meatbags. And the idea of Carth and HK interacting is absolutely hilarious to me. That said, this is kind of a weird combo of characters, so I'd be just as happy with a story about Carth & Revan (or Carth/Revan) or Revan & HK-47 or Carth & HK-47.

I haven't played KoTOR 2, but I am aware of the Carth/Revan stuff that pops up there, so if you'd like to explore what goes on with that in your work, please do. I also know that HK-47 takes a mocking approach to their relationship because of KoTOR 2, so if you want to play off of that, you're welcome to as well.

• HK-47's got kind of a unique perspective on Revan and I wonder how that would affect her when everyone else treats Revan as unrepentantly evil. Would she take some comfort in that? Or would it discomfit her? And how would Carth feel learning that Revan was a person and not just this grand, evil Sith Lord he'd never met.
• Assuming Revan has gone light side, how does HK-47 adjust his expectations of her and what she wants from him? Are there humorous misunderstandings? Or more weird ways in how truly not so very different the new Revan is from the old?
• Though I played the game with a light side Revan, I'm absolutely intrigued by the alternate dark side ending. (You can view it here if you haven't seen it.) I would love to see it explored through Carth and/or Revan's perspective. Or maybe even from HK-47's once it's done and he finds out what happened. Is he surprised that Carth managed to pull it off? Disappointed? Or does he even care that Revan's truly gone?
• Now that I think about it, Carth and HK-47 shenanigans sound great. I can't decide whether Carth would hate him or be weirdly fond of him. I'd love to see either. Maybe they bond over... I don't know. Weapons? Or perhaps they get competitive over something strange? I know in KoTOR 2 that HK-47 doesn't think much of Carth, maybe Carth take offense? If so, that could be hilarious, too. (And maybe Revan has to intervene for everyone's sake.)

Northanger Abbey - Jane Austen | Star Wars: Bloodline - Claudia Gray | Star Wars Legends: Knights of the Old Republic | Suicide Squad | The Traitor Baru Cormorant - Seth Dickinson | Twin Peaks | Crueltide Prompts

Suicide Squad
Floyd Lawton // Harleen Quinzel
Ships: Floyd Lawton/Harleen Quinzel

I love everything about Floyd and Harley and how they interacted throughout Suicide Squad and I find the sorta triangle between him, Harley, and the Joker fascinating, how Floyd encourages her to "stay evil" while also somehow encouraging by example the more heroic impulses in her as the Joker tries to drag her back to his world. That and this movie is just really fun and goofy and I'd love to see fun fic for these two.

If you go a shippy route, I don't mind past-Harley/Joker and how that's influenced Harley because that's canon, but I'd prefer her to not be involved with him actively in your work if possible.

• I'd love to see them bonding over minor annoyances they come across in their work as members of the Suicide Squad or about prison or something.
• In the aftermath of a battle, they help patch one another up.
Spoilers for the end of the movie How does Floyd react upon learning that Harley's been freed from Belle Reve?

Northanger Abbey - Jane Austen | Star Wars: Bloodline - Claudia Gray | Star Wars Legends: Knights of the Old Republic | Suicide Squad | The Traitor Baru Cormorant - Seth Dickinson | Twin Peaks | Crueltide Prompts

The Traitor Baru Cormorant - Seth Dickinson
Aminata // Apparitor // Baru Cormorant // Tain Hu
Ships: Aminata/Baru Cormorant, Baru Cormorant/Tain Hu

So, this is a bit of a mishmash of characters, so I won't expect all of them to end up in the same fic (though if you manage it, that would be amazing). I would love fic for any one of them or any combo, whether shippy or not.

That said, this canon is incredibly harsh, but I would prefer to stay away from fluffy or fix-it type fics for these characters even though I crave post-novel fic and future fic. Considering the way the novel ends, I can understand why that might not be fun to write. So I'd also love to see anything set during the novel as well as the worldbuilding is incredible and all the politicking is super fascinating to me (and I would never say no to Tain Hu daringly flirting with Baru).

Vague spoilers for the end of the book

I'd love to see how Baru survives what she does to Tain Hu. I suspect she'll never get over it and nothing she does from that point on will make it entirely worth it. I'd love to see the horror of her realization that she has to keep on living after betraying Tain Hu the way she's done. I get how she manages in the immediate aftermath, but what about as the days/months/years drag on? Is she haunted by guilt (or her guilt in the form of Tain Hu maybe)? Can she connect with anyone else (Aminata?) knowing who she is and what she's capable of? Does she lose hope? Does she turn even more ruthless? Does she force herself to believe it was worth it? How does her relationship with Apparitor evolve once this thing has been done and there's no going back for Baru?

• I would love to see Aminata and Baru meet in the future. How are their interactions different now that Baru has committed herself to the course she's decided on. Does Baru still care for her or is she too lost to what she's done for their relationship to matter?
• A post-novel exploration of how Baru navigates the Throne's powers. Does Apparitor teach her? Does Aminata?
• How does Aminata react when she finds out what Baru did?
• Does Baru ever reflect on what she did to Tain Hu and if she does, what would that look like?
• Way future fic where Baru has destroyed the Masquerade. What is it like for Baru to go home?

Northanger Abbey - Jane Austen | Star Wars: Bloodline - Claudia Gray | Star Wars Legends: Knights of the Old Republic | Suicide Squad | The Traitor Baru Cormorant - Seth Dickinson | Twin Peaks | Crueltide Prompts

Twin Peaks
Dale Cooper // Denise Bryson
Ships: Dale Cooper/Denise Bryson

Unpopular opinion time: I actually really like late season two Twin Peaks stuff and that's not a little bit to do with Denise being brought in. She's such a great character and I love the way she interacts with Coop, whom I also love because he's probably the best example of how interesting good guy characters can be. I love how utterly charmed Coop is by Denise and how readily he accepts her. I love their banter and their history and how much warmth there is in their relationship and how well they work together.

I also just love the world of Twin Peaks, how weird it is and how much is going on beneath the surface of the town. Basically, the setting is wonderful and very interesting in contrast to the goodness of characters like Dale and Denise.

I would prefer seeing where you'd take this relationship once Dale gets to meet Denise as Denise rather than what their relationship was like in the past. However, I'll be honest, I would still be excessively glad with anything more about these two. This is another set of characters that I don't even slightly mind fluffy content for, so if you have a super fluffy idea, please go for it.

Just a side note: I'll likely have read The Secret History of Twin Peaks by the time Yuletide reveals occur. Since I have no idea what will be in it and whether any of it will be directly relevant to Dale and/or Denise, this may be a premature statement, but! If you, too, will have read it and if it does contain any Dale or Denise goodness and you're inclined to include it in your work, feel free to do so!

• Presuming Coop survives the Black Lodge and is able to get out, what would a meeting in the future between Dale and Denise look like?
• Say Denise comes back to Twin Peaks while BoB is inhabiting Coop's body. How quickly does she figure out something's wrong? And does she do anything about it?
• I would love to see Denise and Coop finding an excuse to dance and flirt, whether as part of their work or because they like one another is fine with me.
• If you're interested in including Audrey in your story, I did enjoy the scene she had with Denise and how awed Audrey seemed by her, seeing Denise and Denise's relationship from Audrey's perspective and what she makes of them (whether platonic or romantic) might be interesting.

Northanger Abbey - Jane Austen | Star Wars: Bloodline - Claudia Gray | Star Wars Legends: Knights of the Old Republic | Suicide Squad | The Traitor Baru Cormorant - Seth Dickinson | Twin Peaks | Crueltide Prompts

Crueltide Prompts

So in a couple of the fandoms I've listed above, there are some prompts that I'd consider dark, but I thought I'd throw in some extra tropes/prompts down here, too.

Though I give a few prompts below (some including the above tropes and some not), I would love to see any of the below tropes applied to any of the fandoms and characters I've requested.

Tropes I Love: betrayal // body horror // came back wrong // character death // conspiracy // dystopia // eldritch abominations // gray morality // Lovecraftian cosmic horror // mirror!verses // monsters // paranoia // unhappy endings // unreliable narrators

Tropes I Don't Want: addiction // animal cruelty // dark sexual content // partner abuse // PTSD // slavery // torture

Northanger Abbey - Jane Austen
• Catherine thinks General Tilney might have been responsible for his wife's death. What if he was? How does that change the relationship between Catherine and the Tilney siblings?

Star Wars: Bloodline - Claudia Gray
• I like to believe Leia's first act as the Resistance's leader was to go immediately to Riosa and save Casterfo's ass, but I'm a sucker for unhappy endings, so what happens if she doesn't? Or can't? And he's left to suffer his fate alone?

Star Wars Legends: Knights of the Old Republic
• The Force is an entity of cosmic horror. How does that affect Revan with her various experiences with the Force? What's it like for someone who doesn't have the Force to witness such a thing?
• HK-47 gets his assassination protocols back. They go haywire.

Suicide Squad
• Floyd is an assassin and Harley's a criminal and they're both excellent supervillains. In a world where they aren't dragged into the Suicide Squad by Amanda Waller, how do they meet and what is that meeting like? And without the Suicide Squad to direct their skills into a selfless direction, how much more hard-edged are they?

The Traitor Baru Cormorant - Seth Dickinson
• This whole canon is pretty much one long dark fic. So more of that. I feel like once Baru knows knows the lengths to which she'll go, she won't stop. How does that affect her and those around her?

Twin Peaks
• The town of Twin Peaks is pretty creepy all on its own and is haunted by monsters masquerading as people. What happens if there are real monsters out there in the Washington wilderness around them?
• Or, maybe Twin Peaks itself is the monster. Perhaps the town itself is some kind of a cosmic horror zone?
• By the end of season two, Coop is pretty much already "came back wrong"-ed by the show. What about what happens if the real Coop gets back into his body and is also "wrong" at that point.

Northanger Abbey - Jane Austen | Star Wars: Bloodline - Claudia Gray | Star Wars Legends: Knights of the Old Republic | Suicide Squad | The Traitor Baru Cormorant - Seth Dickinson | Twin Peaks | Crueltide Prompts

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