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Star Wars Rare Pairs Exchange Letter

Dear Creator,

DNWs: character bashing, mundane/modern AUs, porn, kink

Loves: pining, melancholy/bittersweet stories, getting together stories, role reversal AUs, mirror!verse AUs, sad endings, moments of earned happiness after hard times

Likes: loyalty, banter, flirting, unexpected bonding, canon-divergent AUs, post-canon fic, future fic, characters stuck in moral and ethical quandaries who are then forced to make difficult decisions, atmospheric/moody writing, unusual writing styles and POVs, sympathetic portrayals of flawed characters, kissing

Themes I love to see explored: betrayal, sacrifice (of self, of reputation, of loved ones and others, all sorts of sacrifice really), what makes people good and the hard decisions/ramifications that go along with goodness, "the road to hell is paved with good intentions," unrequited love

Regarding characters who are in canon relationships that aren't ships I've requested: don't worry about explaining why these characters are together instead of their canon configurations unless that's the story you want to tell. I'm happy to imagine this is a slight AU where the canon relationships never happened.

I tried to come up with at least two prompts for all of these pairings, but there are a few that only have one and at least one that has more than two. This doesn't mean I want the former least and the latter the most. I'm definitely equally eager to see works for any of these relationships.

There are going to be some spoilers for Lost Stars, the Lando miniseries, Catalyst/Rogue One and Bloodline here. So if you haven't read those... definitely look away from bolded bits further down this letter that say spoiler alert.

Ciena Ree/Nash Windrider

What I love about this pairing: It's really not until the latter stages of the book, when Ciena is made Captain, that I really get on-board with this ship. But I like that they both struggle with the Empire's morality and, in some ways, blind themselves to the truth of it because they need the Empire to be right. In a lot of ways, I think they make a compelling contrast to one another.

• Ciena sends the Inflictor on its self-destruct course, but leaves the ship with Nash (maybe she decides it's not an honorable enough way to go out or she thinks she needs to stick around and fix the Empire, I don't know). How does that play out with regard to her relationship with Nash? Does she grow as ruthless as he's become?
• Nash finds out Ciena's alive and has been captured by the Rebellion. What does he do?

Jyn Erso/Orson Krennic

What I love about this pairing: Honestly, it started out as a purely aesthetic thing and the fact that Krennic looks like the kind of villain I'm all about. That and they're kind of an open playground right now and so almost anything might well end up canon in terms of characterization. I'm especially appreciative that so far both Krennic and Erso have been described as being hotheaded in promo material.

• Canon-setting AU of some sort. Jyn's somehow the Empress and Krennic works for her. Jyn's the director of weapons research and Krennic's reluctantly affiliated with the Rebellion (and maybe he fails and turns on them because he's way less of a hero than she is), what would that look like? I mean... honestly, I wrote a James Bond inspired canon-setting AU fic for this pairing, so I'm open for all sorts of weird, wonderful canon-setting AU stories.
• So, the supposed synopsis for the Rogue One prequel novel has SPOILER ALERT Krennic saving the Erso family way in the past, END SPOILER I would love to see Jyn deciding she owes Krennic a debt. When she's snapped up by the Rebellion, her loyalties are split, but maybe she's grown to care about Krennic over the years. What does she do?

Lando Calrissian/Lobot

What I love about this pairing: I can't help being a sucker for the scoundrel and the level-headed sidekick balance one another's flaws trope and thanks to the Lando comic, they've got that in spades. I absolutely adore the backstory given to Lobot in that thing. So there's that. I also love that in a lot of ways, his relationship with Lobot is what put Lando on the road to respectability. And yet we know how that all ends up: with sadness and Darth Vader.

Basically, Lando/Lobot is the low-key angst factory of my heart. And therefore I would love angst for this pairing. That said, I'm really open to anything that explores the dynamic between them, whether it takes into account the comic or not.

• I have no idea if Lando actually goes back to Cloud City after the conclusion of the war with the Empire, and the old EU suggests he doesn't, but I like to think he does. And seeing Lando and Lobot rebuild Cloud City during that time would be great.
SPOILER ALERT So Lobot basically sacrifices his autonomy/personality/awareness/whatever to save Lando's ass at the end of the comic. And yet, he's right there beside Lando all through their time in Cloud City. What's that do to a person like Lando?END SPOILERS

Lando Calrissian/Luke Skywalker

What I love about this ship: I feel like there's a lot of potential for exploration here. They meet each other at a rather important moment in one another's life after all and there's a lot of space post-Return of the Jedi to play in. I think their temperaments would suit one another. I imagine, too, that Luke is a lonely man and feel like Lando would be good for him, just as I feel like it would be good for Lando to be with someone who is unshakably trusting and loyal and believes the best about people.

I'm super happy with fluffy getting together fics for these two. They're my happy ship. That said, the way canon has gone regarding where Luke's been offers up some wonderful angsty potential. I'm so here for that, too. I'm just here for more Lando/Luke.

• Luke thinks he doesn't have time for romance, what with wanting to rebuild the Jedi Order after they've defeated the Empire. Lando proves him wrong.
• Luke and Leia role-reversal where Luke is a prince and Lando is the scoundrel he falls in love with once they reach Bespin.

Lando Calrissian/Luke Skywalker/Wedge Antilles

What I love about this ship: They're part of a pretty exclusive "oh hey we destroyed a Death Star" club. That'd give them something fun to bond over. Or, alternatively, it would give them something to mourn/feel guilty about together. Either explorations would be great. I also love the idea of a kinda almost sweetheartish good guy, a loyal dude who just wants to get on with his job and serve the Republic, and a noble-hearted gambler all playing off of one another.

• Three-way pining and miscommunication? Luke thinks Wedge is into Lando? Wedge thinks Lando is into Luke? And obviously Wedge and Luke have been working together forever, it would be ridiculous for Lando to think they don't care a great deal about each other. But of course they all care about one another equally. How does this conundrum get resolved?

Lando Calrissian/Ssaria

What I love about this ship: I know there's not a lot of canon to go on for this one, but I find where Lando is in his life intriguing and how he convinces Ssaria to help him intriguing.

• I would love to know how Lando feels about his relationship with Ssaria and the fact that she's a Moff and based on Empire we know Lando's not super into the Empire. Is he surprised to find he likes her despite this fact? Or is he curious? Does he actually harbor some of the feelings he has for her in the beginning of the comic or is it all just a ruse? And how does he feel about that fact afterward?

Nash Windrider/Leia Organa

What I love about this ship: The possibilities, mostly, and the contrasting ways they deal with Alderaan's destruction. I also feel like Nash's anger about it, subsumed though it might be by his needing to believe the Empire was right, is pretty similar to Leia's.

• They dance at the Imperial Ball and Nash finds himself smitten with her. Perhaps she wants to understand him in return... would she like him at all despite his being a part of the Empire?
• The only thing that gives Nash pause about believing the Empire was right to destroy Alderaan is learning Princess Leia survived.

Orson Krennic/Mon Mothma

What I love about this ship: Enemies to Friends to Lovers to Enemies trope. Basically. I read a fic that made be buy it and then the Catalyst synopsis got out there and sold it by mentioning that Krennic's been around since the Republic days and I feel like... maybe. There could've been something there. At some point. It's kind of obvious, but the pacifist and the weapons developer. Talk about the potential for sparks.

• I feel like if they met, they'd probably not get along at first, what with Mon Mothma being all about peace and Krennic building a superweapon. But... maybe at one point they were both trying to reach the same conclusion through different means. And maybe they could grow to respect each other's methods. So... what would that look like?
• Perhaps they're in an established relationship when Palpatine becomes the Emperor. How does that change their relationship? Do they try to keep it going (though I suspect that wouldn't end well)?
• Post-relationship Mon Mothma doing everything she can do defeat him/make sure the Death Star is destroyed and decidedly refusing to wish it could've ended differently.

Poe Dameron/Terex

What I love about this pairing: Terex so clearly cares more about getting his hands on Poe than he cares about the First Order and Poe's just... vastly unimpressed in return. Also, they're both snarky bastards, so, like... that's why. Basically: fun antagonistic relationship.

• Terex legitimately corners Poe somehow. Terex lets him go because the chase was always more fun anyway.
• Terex accidentally defects because Poe. He's not exactly happy about it (and Poe may or may not be happy about it, I'm sold on either for it because on the one hand I feel like Poe could probably hold a grudge against someone like Terex, who wouldn't, but Poe is also probably a pretty forgiving sort of guy under the right circumstances, so...). They then have to figure it out and work together. Somehow.

Rae Sloane/Orson Krennic

What I love about this pairing: This is... one of the more crackshippy of my favorite pairings, but. If you're even contemplating tackling this ship, you're an amazing individual. And we don't really know anything about Krennic, so in some ways, it's a lot of fun! Basically, it comes down to me feeling like two smart, ambitious Imperial officers should get together and take down Palpatine themselves and, like, keep the Empire around, because if anyone could, it's Rae Sloane. Ahem. Anyway. I just like the idea of Rae, no-nonsense and serious as she is, meeting up with a brilliant hot head like Krennic.

• Game of Thrones Imperial Order style? With the Emperor's chair the Iron Throne? Krennic is apparently into making power plays and is willing to skirt around Darth Vader's shadow to do it. Rae has definite ideas about how the Empire should be run thanks to Aftermath. So... what if they team up before it all goes to hell? And then fall in love and are very inconvenienced by that fact. Or they fall in love first. Or not at all, but maybe they really like each other or feel like the other one would be useful.
• Marriage of (in)convenience.

Ransolm Casterfo/Leia Organa

What I love about this pairing: I just... I didn't go into the novel expecting to like Casterfo at all. And certainly not enough to ship him with Leia, but then he had to respect her even though she didn't really respect what he was about at first. And then there had to be lies of omission on her part. And then he had to discover the truth. And then he had to use that information. And and and. Basically, they are the perfect "misunderstandings ensue, feelings are hurt, all is sad" and THEN SPOILER ALERT he had to go and get a death sentence back on Riosa and that's what finally gets Leia to understand something about how Anakin became Vader END SPOILERS. So yeah. That.

• Always and forever Leia's first act upon creating the Resistance is saving his ass from Riosan death row.
• Presuming Casterfo is freed, I'd love to see them meet up again after Han's death and how that would change their relationship.

Wedge Antilles/Lando Calrissian

What I love about this pairing: The best of the best pilots hanging out, what's not to love about that? Seriously though I feel like they'd be an interesting contrast for one another. In the EU, both canon and now non-canon, Wedge ends up getting kinda stuck with bureaucracy and not really wanting to be that guy. Lando... sort of embraces that sort of stuff without giving up all of his freedom to do what he wants. And I think that's something Wedge might well admire. Also, they blew up a Death Star together.

• So, in Aftermath, it's mentioned that Lando helps Wedge come up with his cover story. I'd love to see how that plays out. And does Lando continue to help him out with spy-esque shenanigans? Do they go together on a spy-esque shenanigan (like... fake dating spy-esque shenanigans)? I don't know, but I'd like to find out.
• Wedge has a lot of experience with the pilots he's working with dying during fights with the Empire. I think Lando probably doesn't. How does Wedge help him with that?

Wedge Antilles/Leia Organa

Everything I love is based on EU content. I'm so sorry, but basically... Aftermath: Life Debt is all about how Wedge Antilles would trash his own life going to bat for Leia. And I respect and love that deeply. So loyalty is a big part of why I love the potential of this relationship.

SORTA SPOILERS In a world where Leia hasn't gotten involved with Han, how does Leia feel about Wedge risking his career and life to help her throughout Aftermath: Life Debt? END SPOILERS
• So, Wedge is loyal. How about hearing about a time Leia was loyal in return and what that might mean for their relationship.