Jun. 17th, 2016

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Dear Writer,

Thank you so much for offering to write for me. I'm so excited to see what you come up with and I apologize in advance for the length of this letter.

Firstly, for some pairings, I've generated more ideas or more lengthy prompt ideas, but I'm equally happy receiving a gift for any of the pairings I've chosen. :) So if we match on a pairing in which I haven't included many details, don't feel discouraged.

DNWs: Porn, smut, and kink fic. Gratuitous violence. Abuse. Character bashing. Modern/mundane AUs. Established relationships.

I'm 100% here for romance and fade-to-black scenes. I just don't particularly look for fic for sexy content specifically, so any efforts in that direction might be wasted on me sadly.

Things I love: Character exploration, atmospheric vignettes, moral dilemmas. Explorations of close friendships. Canon divergent AUs. Unresolved sexual and romantic tension. Pining. Role-reversal AUs. Future fic. Getting together fic. Bittersweet endings and bittersweet relationships. Plotty stories. Every sort of kissing imaginable. Pre-relationships. Implied relationships. All of it is good.

That said, if any ideas you have disregard the things I love, so long as it avoids my do not wants (unless otherwise specified under specific pairings' prompts, there are a few floating around), I'm happy. If a prompt for one pairing inspires you with regard to another pairing, I would probably also love that. And if no prompt inspires you, I'm okay with that, too.

If it helps, too, some of these relationships directly conflict with canonical pairings. Feel free to pretend the canonical relationships never happened or happened in the past and are no longer relevant. I'm happy to mentally handwave the canonical relationship. That said, if you do want to mention why they aren't together, that's fine as well. I would prefer no cheating take place though.

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