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FemslashEx Letter

Dear Writer,

Thank you so much for writing for me. I'm so excited to see what you come up with! i'm also very sorry for the length of this letter. /o\

DNWs: character bashing, gratuitous violence (violence in line with what's shown in canon is okay), mundane/modern AUs

Dislikes: I don't really read fic for sexy scenes, so porny, kinky, and smutty fic are somewhat wasted on me. However, I'm okay with some depiction of sex in service of character development/post-coital moments/fade-to-black scenarios.

Loves: pining, melancholy/bittersweet stories, getting together stories

Likes: loyalty, banter, flirting, unexpected bonding, canon-divergent AUs, role reversal AUs, post-canon fic, future fic, characters stuck in moral and ethical quandaries who are then forced to make difficult decisions, atmospheric/moody writing, unusual writing styles and POVs, sympathetic portrayals of flawed characters

Themes I love to see explored: betrayal, sacrifice (of self, of reputation, of others, all sorts of sacrifice really), what makes people good and the hard decisions/ramifications that go along with goodness, "the road to hell is paved with good intentions"

Just as an FYI, for some of these relationships, I have more specific prompts than I do for others. That doesn't mean I don't want fic for the less specifically prompted relationships. I would equally adore fic for all of these requests. And if the prompt seems a little gen-y, it's not because I want gen. I'd still love the characters to be in a relationship or heading toward getting into a relationship, but I feel that stuff would fold in nicely to the idea I'm keen on.

I think the only character for whom the following applies is Leia Organa, but: if a character has a canon love interest and you don't want to deal with getting them out of the way, I'm perfectly happy with fic where it's not explained one way or the other or it's a slight AU and they were never together. In fact, I somewhat prefer that to bringing up a past breakup (unless the story you want to write revolves around the process of moving on). The point is, I'm perfectly happy to suspend disbelief on canon love interests.

Lastly, I'm not expecting you to follow the prompts given, so if another idea takes hold for you or if only a portion of my idea inspires you, that's totally cool, too. I'm really just here for more content for the relationships I love.

Thanks again for writing for me!

Dragon Age - All Media Types
     For Inquisition, I have a slight preference for Trevelyans, but if you were interested in writing an Adaar Inquisitor, I would be... very happy, too. Let's just say that. I also really love mage Inquisitors (and Wardens). For Origins, I prefer Suranas. However, my player character preferences are not dealbreakers here.

Female Inquisitor/Cassandra Pentaghast
     Fluff isn't usually my first go-to when it comes to fic, but I want all the fluffy Inquisitor/Cassandra stories. I cannot get enough of them. Feel free to go wild on the fluff and/or romantic schmoop.

          • Cass regretting her impulse to turn f!Inquisitor down and then pining from afar, f!Inquisitor notices and fixes the problem OR Cass decides to fix the problem herself and decides to make some grand romantic gesture herself.
          • Cass notices that f!Inquisitor takes no lovers despite ample interest from other corners. Cass wonders why because she's made it her business to study the inquisitor and knows she's lonely. What happens next is up to you.

Female Inquisitor/Vivienne
     I find the idea of a mage Trevelyan bonding with Vivienne a compelling one (and love those moments in the game when you get to discuss your ideas about Circles, etc. with her). I think here I'd prefer a Trevelyan mage simply because I think she might be more politically savvy about mages and Circles having come from a noble house. I don't necessarily believe they'd see eye to eye on everything, but I feel they'd respect one another's beliefs and trust that they both want what's best for mages/Thedas.

          • F!Inquisitor being in love with Vivienne, but still being there for her after Bastien dies whether Vivienne wants to be with her romantically or not.
          • Post-Trespasser, Vivienne as Divine Victoria. Whether f!Inquisitor disbands the Inquisition or lets it serve as Divine Victoria's honor guard, I'd love to see f!Inquisitor doing everything she can to protect Vivienne as she sits the Sunburst Throne while also working to find Solas. Vivienne notices what she's doing.

Morrigan/Female Warden
     I absolutely felt betrayed when I was playing Origins and realized a female Warden couldn't romance Morrigan. It was the worst day of my life practically. Okay, not really, but it was still really sad. I loved seeing the trust and friendship that developed between the Warden and Morrigan. So: I would love to see that with added romance.

          • Morrigan and the Warden haven't seen each other since Origins. The Warden comes to find her post-Inquisition (whether she has solved the darkspawn taint problem or not is up to you... maybe she hasn't and has decided she'd rather spend time with the woman she loves before her time runs out? Or maybe she has and would like to celebrate. I don't know). How do they reconnect?
          • The Warden and Morrigan were only ever friends during their time together during the Blight. The Warden later finds out Morrigan has infiltrated the Orlesian court. So maybe she does a little infiltration of her own because she absolutely has to see what that looks like. There is flirting involved. And masks. And dancing. And kisses perhaps.

Game of Thrones

Ellaria Sand/Sansa Stark
     Though I find Ellaria's behavior regarding Doran and the coup therein ill-advised, I'd like to think that given time (and revenge on the Lannisters), she'd be a skilled leader for her people. I choose to believe she really does love Dorne and cares about it even though I feel like the fallout of killing Prince Doran should've been more... clear.

          • Future!fic in which Ellaria and Sansa meet as Queen of Dorne and Queen of the North respectively (I don't know, maybe Dany really doesn't mind allowing queens on the thrones of the lands of Westeros). Ellaria remembers Sansa from their time in King's Landing and admires her resilience. Sansa enjoys Ellaria's fine and charming manners.
          • Future!fic in which Sansa visits Dorne and is truly enamored of the place and the woman who runs it.

Sansa Stark/Brienne of Tarth
          • So, I know I've seen other people thinking the same thing, but there is not enough "Brienne is the knight Sansa's always wanted" trope out there. And there should be more of it always.
          • Brienne accidentally woos Sansa. Brienne is confused because she doesn't consider herself the wooing type. And hadn't really been trying to woo her.

Sansa Stark/Margaery Tyrell
          • Sansa pining for Margaery! Sansa admiring Margaery! Sansa wishing something could come of her feelings, but knowing it's impossible. (Maybe Margaery wishes things could be otherwise, but she has worked so hard to earn her place as Queen. She cannot risk it.)
          • AU where Renly doesn't die and becomes king with Margaery as his queen and Loras and Sansa marry. Renly and Margaery and Loras and Sansa all cover for one another's relationships.

Yara Greyjoy/Daenerys Targaryen
          • Dany ends up being friendly with Theon for reasons no one entirely understands. This endears Dany to Yara (though Yara would never admit it).
          • Dany and Yara get into "anything you can do, I can do better" arguments over the strangest things. Maybe especially over falling in love?

Mass Effect
I somewhat prefer a paragon Shepard to renegade, but it's not a deal breaker if your idea doesn't conform to that if it matters within the context of your work. I'm not at all fussed about origin stories, so any of the three are perfectly fine with me (if they come up at all).

EDI/Female Shepard
     I was completely despondent by being unable to romance EDI. As cute as I find EDI/Jeff, I really do love the idea of femShep falling for EDI (and EDI's sense of humor) and EDI doing the same in return.

          • How exactly does EDI learn how to be romantic with Shepard when Shepard was the one she'd gone to for advice when it came to Jeff? And how spectacularly does it fail (in the best possible way, of course) because femShep is kind of a dorky failure all the time. And how much does it frustrate EDI when her overtures are misunderstood? And then how amazing is it when it ends well for all involved?

EDI/Samantha Traynor
     Look, I understand Sam Traynor's plight for I, too, find Tricia Helfer's voice incredible. So, like, I get it. And I feel for her. And I totally want Sam to be happy and what better way to be happy than getting an AI girlfriend?

          • EDI learns how to flirt and practices on Samantha because she gets so wonderfully flustered. She keeps flirting so much that Sam starts to feel uncomfortable because she wants it to mean something, but she thinks EDI is just doing it because she can. EDI is not doing it because she can. EDI is doing it because she wants Sam to know she likes her.

Kasumi Goto/Female Shepard
     So the thing I like best about Kasumi is how interested in people she is. I love that she observes the crew and wants to talk about them and seems genuinely concerned about their well being. I love, too, that she seems specifically concerned about Shepard's well being, too.

          • Kasumi gets really nosy about femShep's life and femShep finds herself incredibly flattered despite usually not thinking much about herself. She's always so "on" about saving the galaxy from Reapers and whatnot and Kasumi manages to stop her in her tracks all the time.
          • Pretending to date for a heist-y type situation? Maybe they're not pretending as much as they think they are?

Star Wars - All Media Types

Leia Organa/Evaan Verlaine
          • Alderaan doesn't blow up. After the Empire falls, Leia goes back and becomes queen of Alderaan. Evaan returns with her and acts as an adviser. Becomes queen consort???
          • I honestly totally would love to see mistaken identity Christmas royalty romantic comedy tropes applied to these two. Leia is Sick and Tired of being Coddled and Protected. Goes on adventure in Alderaan's mountains. Meets surly space-skiing!instructor!Evaan. Evaan somehow has no clue who she is. They fall in love.

Leia Organa/Sana Starros
          • I just want them being cranky and banter-y at each other. For any reason. Are they stuck in a fire fight somewhere? Has Leia dragged Sana into some new Rebellion shenanigans? Do they snipe at each other and then kiss?
          • I would love to see a fic where Leia does stuff that impresses Sana and Sana doesn't want to admit that she might like Leia because that's too much complication for her life. Leia, if she figured it out (unlikely), would definitely like it if Sana admitted as much.

Winter Celchu/Leia Organa
     So I read one of the Legends novels (Scoundrels, in case you're interested) and one of the minor subplots included Winter being really messed up about what happened to Alderaan and not knowing whether Leia survived or not until she learns by chance that Leia is safe. I was really struck by that and would love to see anything involving their relationship.

     Though I've read a few Legends books now that feature Winter, I'm not super concerned about Legends continuity. In fact, it might be kind of cool to see Winter brought into the main continuity.

          • I'd love to see a fic exploring their lives together on Alderaan. Young love and all that. (Though I'd prefer no underage sexual exploration, please.)
          • Leia recruits Winter into the Rebellion and they become inseparable.
          • The rebuilding of Alderaanian culture after the destruction of Alderaan is fascinating to me. I'd love to see Winter and Leia work on the problem together.

Suicide Squad

Harleen Quinzel/Amanda Waller
     Harley Quinn: "Are you the devil?"
     Amanda Waller: "Maybe."

     The above was one of my favorite bits of interaction in Suicide Squad and I would love to see more of Harley and Amanda's dynamic explored. I imagine they'd make quite the pair.

          • What happens when Amanda finds out Harley's been sprung from prison? Does she get her back? (Yes.) Is Harley happy about it? (Probably more than she should be.)

The Traitor Baru Cormorant
     This canon is incredibly harsh, but I would prefer to stay away from fluffy or fix-it type fics for these characters even though I crave post-novel fic and future fic. Considering the way the novel ends, I can understand why that might not be fun to write. So I'd also love to see anything set during the novel as well. For all that this novel is super tough, there is also some grade-A slow burn going on there and I'd love to see more of that.

Aminata/Baru Cormorant
          • I would love to see Aminata and Baru meet in the future. How are their interactions different now that Baru has committed herself to the course she's decided on. Does Baru still care for her or is she too lost to what she's done for their relationship to matter?
          • Baru accomplishes what she's set out to accomplish and she somehow takes down the Masquerade from the inside/saves Taranoke from the Masquerade's influence (doesn't matter how). How do she and Aminata reconnect without the Masquarade's rules to stand in the way? Can they even do so?

Baru Cormorant/Tain Hu
          • Tain Hu flirting with Baru and being both daringly obvious and somehow opaque to Baru about her feelings is everything I could ever want to see.
          • If you have masochism in your heart like I do, I'd love to see how Baru survives what she does to Tain Hu. I suspect she'll never get over it and nothing she does from that point will make it worth it. I'd love to see the horror of her realization that she has to keep on living after betraying Tain Hu the way she's done. I get how she manages in the immediate aftermath, but what about as the days/months/years drag on? Is she haunted by guilt (or her guilt in the form of Tain Hu maybe)? Can she connect with anyone else knowing who she is and what she's capable of? Does she lose hope? Does she turn even more ruthless? Does she reach the conclusion that it was worth it or that it wasn't?

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