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Genex Letter

Dear Writer,

Thank you so much for writing for me. I'm so excited to see what you come up with!

DNWs: character bashing, gratuitous violence (violence in line with what's shown in canon is okay), mundane/modern AUs

Likes: loyalty, banter, bonding, intense platonic relationships, canon-divergent AUs, role reversal AUs, post-canon fic, future fic, characters stuck in moral and ethical quandaries who are then forced to make difficult decisions, characters willing to do anything for their friends, bittersweet moments, atmospheric/moody writing, unusual writing styles and POVs, sympathetic portrayals of flawed characters

Themes I love to see explored: betrayal, sacrifice (of self, of reputation, of others, all sorts of sacrifice really), what makes people good and what are the hard decisions/ramifications that go along with goodness, "the road to hell is paved with good intentions"

Just as an FYI, for some of these relationships, I have more specific prompts than I do for others. That doesn't mean I don't want fic for the less specifically prompted relationships. I would adore equally fic for all of these requests. I'm also not expecting you to follow the prompts given, so if another idea takes hold for you or if only a portion of my idea inspires you, that's totally cool, too.

A lot of my prompts aren't totally in line with my likes, mostly because the above I like so much that pretty much anything that tackles those ideas will be instant gold for me no matter which way they're explored and with which characters, whereas something like cutesy kidfic only applies in specific circumstances if that makes sense.

Dragon Age Inquisition

Female Inquisitor & Dorian Pavus
One of my favorite relationships in the game is the friendship between the f!Inquisitor and Dorian. I love how close they are, the banter between them, everything about how much they come to matter to one another. I would love to see anything exploring Dorian having a hard time adjusting post-game to the both of them drifting from one another's orbits because of duty. Alternatively, I would also enjoy anything focusing on them during the events of or in the aftermath of Trespasser. What would the Inquisitor coming to Tevinter look like?

I would prefer it if neither of them were in background romantic relationships, but it's not a deal breaker if they are.

Dorian Pavus & Sera
Listening to the banter where these two get to know one another and become friends despite their origins and biases is one of the great joys I take in the game. I would love to see a fic centering on the unique ways they care about one another and the ways they show it. Perhaps they confound the rest of the Inquisition with their friendship? Otherwise, any sort of fun shenanigans between them would be great.

Game of Thrones
I am all about the bittersweet for this fandom and characters having to make awful decisions that'll hurt the ones they care about. Broken trust and building/rebuilding trust is a great theme for me with here, so anything of that sort for any of these characters would be great.

I would also love anything post-canon or future fic-y for all of these relationships.

Arya Stark & Syrio Forel
I would really love a future fic where it turns out Syrio Forel survived his encounter with Meryn Trant and he and Arya end up meeting up again and what they get up to after that. How does it make Arya feel to reunite with him? Do they get to training again?

Sansa Stark & Brienne of Tarth
I would love to see more of these two getting to know one another, particularly Sansa coming to trust Brienne because she's so much not like the people she knows. I feel like Sansa probably feels like she can't trust anyone right now or ever, but Brienne being her stalwart protector and forever true gives me so many feelings. So a moment between them that shows Sansa realizing she can really trust Brienne would be amazing.

Petyr Baelish & Sansa Stark
Spoilers for the season six finale
I love every interaction these two characters have ever had. I love the mentoring aspect of their relationship, the weird trust/distrust issues. All of it. I would absolutely adore seeing a fic that focuses on how they deal with the fallout of season six. How do they (particularly Sansa) navigate Winterfell knowing that all of the North's support is behind Jon rather than her.

I... like to believe that no matter how much Baelish acts in his own self-interest that he doesn't go out of his way to screw over Sansa in the process. However, if your conception of his character is totally different, that's fine. I just prefer a fic that doesn't have Baelish gleefully ruining Sansa's life as he makes a mad scramble for power.

Daenerys Targaryen & Yara Greyjoy
The relationship that came out of nowhere and made me fall in love. I'm typically not a huge Dany fan, but apparently put her in a room with Yara and I'm all for her. I found their interactions so entertaining and intriguing. I'd love to see a fic exploring Yara's opinions of Dany. Yara's an experienced leader, do they ever come into conflict because of that? Dany has this habit of attracting some pretty good advisers to her, does Yara come to be one of those people who acts as an adviser to her?

Saints Row
I prefer a female Boss if that's okay.

Johnny Gat & Shaundi
Spoilers for Saints Row the Third
So, it broke my heart when Johnny "dies" at the beginning of this game and I had a lot of feelings about it. But I think one of the most interesting things the game did was letting Shaundi be so angry about what happened to him and taking it out on everyone around her out of guilt. I'd love to see more of how she deals with that once he's back.

I also really love how supportive and protective Johnny is of her when he comes back, so something about that would be great. How does he feel about Shaundi's guilt? Does it put a strain on him at all?

Johnny Gat & Boss
Spoilers for Saints Row the Third and Saints Row IV
If you need inspiration, all of this (warning: video game violence and all the swearing) is the greatest catnip of all time. I mean, this is why I love them. Johnny and Boss being important to one another and working through their issues is everything I care about.

Star Wars (Marvel Comics)

Darth Vader & Doctor Aphra
I find the relationship between these two characters incredibly fascinating. The fact that she brings out some degree of humanity in him is both strange and totally cool. I love that he comes to rely on her. I love that she doesn't blind herself to what he is and still is keen to work with him. I'd like to see more exploration as to why and what she sees in him that makes her want to work with him.

Leia Organa & Sosha Soruna
I would love to see a story about Leia learning about Naboo and the history of the queens of Naboo from Sosha (and maybe learn something about her mother, too, as a result, though Sosha probably doesn't know that). Alternately, I would love to see them coming together politically once things have settled and the New Republic is trying to rebuild.

Luke Skywalker & Shara Bey
I just... really want a fic where Luke returns to Yavin Four to check on the Force-sensitive tree. Maybe they bond over their time fighting in the Rebellion while he's there?

Poe Dameron & Agent Terex
These two are hilarious to me. I would absolutely be pleased with any sort of trope-y enemies forced to work together/be in the same proximity shenanigans you can come up with.

Star Wars Original Trilogy

Lando Calrissian & Lobot
The new backstory between Lando and Lobot thanks to the comics absolutely kills me. If you've read the comics and would like to build on that, I'd love to see anything with a bent toward that. On the other hand, anything about them running Cloud City would be great, too. How did they end up there? What is a normal day like? That sort of thing.

Lando Calrissian & Luke Skywalker
I read a fic recently that had Lando and Luke working together on diplomatic missions for the New Republic post-ROTJ, with Lando as the diplomat and Luke the muscle/backup diplomat. It doesn't totally fit with the new canon conception of Luke, but I'm still absolutely in love with this idea that they'd work together post-ROTJ, so that'd be a great thing to receive in a fic.

Star Wars Prequel Trilogy
I love Padmé Lives AUs for the prequel trilogy. Love 'em. Completely and truly and deeply. So you can't go wrong there ever.

Bail Organa & Leia Organa
This father-daughter relationship makes me cry all the time. I would love to see something cute for them when Leia is young. Maybe they spend the day together and get into shenanigans?

Padmé Amidala & Leia Organa & Luke Skywalker
I would love to see a fic where Padmé survives and raises her children and how that changes the trajectory of their lives. How do Luke and Leia end up after having grown up in the Rebellion? Do they know about their father? How is the Rebellion different for having Padmé and both of her children in it from the beginning?

Leia Organa & Anakin Skywalker & Luke Skywalker
I would love to see a fic where Anakin doesn't fall (whether the Republic still falls or the Jedi are slaughtered is up to you) and raises his children and the ramifications of that. Padmé could still die in childbirth if that's the direction you want to take, but I also wouldn't mind if she survives and they raise the children together. If you decide that the Jedi survive, I'd love to see how the fallout of their birth affects his standing in the Order. Does he leave and train them himself? Does he not train them at all? Do they come into the Order, too?

Qui-Gon Jinn & Leia Organa
This is... a very intriguing concept. And I have no idea really what I want out of it except that I know I want it. Maybe an AU where Qui-Gon lives and the Republic doesn't fall and Leia gets trained as a Jedi and he's her teacher at some point? (Maybe Qui-Gon chills out and teaches younglings??? I don't know, but that would be so cute.)

Star Wars Sequel Trilogy

Finn & Phasma
I would love to see how Finn handles a captured and/or defecting Phasma. Otherwise, I would love to see some flavor of canon AU. Finn's a senator for the New Republic and runs into Phasma during peace talks. Finn's a Jedi and Phasma's an Admiral in the Imperial Navy. I'm open for anything.

Finn & Luke Skywalker
I just want to see Finn and Luke interacting. I also really love Finn Skywalker and Force sensitive!Finn, so that's a direction I'd love to see explored, too (but it's not a dealbreaker one way or the other).

Finn & Leia Organa
I feel like Finn is the next great leader and seeing Leia mentoring him in that respect would be amazing. Otherwise, one or the other of them having to make a tough decision regarding a mission and the fallout from that would be interesting/great to see.

Ransolm Casterfo & Leia Organa
Spoilers for Bloodline
I choose to believe the Resistance's first act after being created is going to Riosa and getting Ransolm back. So, I'd really love to see what happens next and how Leia and Casterfo work out their political differences now that everything has gone to hell.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Anakin Skywalker & Ahsoka Tano
It has been months since I watched the arc where Ahsoka ends up hunted by Trandoshans and Anakin is super upset about not being able to find her and I'm still not over it, I would love to see anything regarding the closeness of their bond. Or Anakin ending up in another situation where he feels helpless to save Ahsoka from danger and he and she have to deal with the fallout when she returns safely because she's Ahsoka and can handle herself.