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Rare Pair Exchange Letter

Dear Writer,

Thank you so much for offering to write for me. I'm so excited to see what you come up with and I apologize in advance for the length of this letter.

Firstly, for some pairings, I've generated more ideas or more lengthy prompt ideas, but I'm equally happy receiving a gift for any of the pairings I've chosen. :) So if we match on a pairing in which I haven't included many details, don't feel discouraged.

DNWs: Porn, smut, and kink fic. Gratuitous violence. Abuse. Character bashing. Modern/mundane AUs. Established relationships.

I'm 100% here for romance and fade-to-black scenes. I just don't particularly look for fic for sexy content specifically, so any efforts in that direction might be wasted on me sadly.

Things I love: Character exploration, atmospheric vignettes, moral dilemmas. Explorations of close friendships. Canon divergent AUs. Unresolved sexual and romantic tension. Pining. Role-reversal AUs. Future fic. Getting together fic. Bittersweet endings and bittersweet relationships. Plotty stories. Every sort of kissing imaginable. Pre-relationships. Implied relationships. All of it is good.

That said, if any ideas you have disregard the things I love, so long as it avoids my do not wants (unless otherwise specified under specific pairings' prompts, there are a few floating around), I'm happy. If a prompt for one pairing inspires you with regard to another pairing, I would probably also love that. And if no prompt inspires you, I'm okay with that, too.

If it helps, too, some of these relationships directly conflict with canonical pairings. Feel free to pretend the canonical relationships never happened or happened in the past and are no longer relevant. I'm happy to mentally handwave the canonical relationship. That said, if you do want to mention why they aren't together, that's fine as well. I would prefer no cheating take place though.

Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon
I really, really love the dynamics Usagi shares with both Seiya and Haruka. I love how flustered she gets when they flirt and tease her. So anything involving that aspect of things would be great.

Seiya Kou/Tsukino Usagi
I would enjoy reading about this relationship while Fighter is in her Three Lights guise or not, but if for some reason you were at all inclined to go with a post-series relationship concerning the latter, I would love you forever.

A story in which Mamoru really did make it to college and he and Usagi drifted apart would also be lovely, maybe with Usagi struggling with her feelings for Seiya and the process of moving on.

Tenou Haruka/Tsukino Usagi
Haruka + flirting with Usagi = my OTP. I, too, would greatly enjoy anything involving Haruka wooing Usagi and succeeding wildly at it because let's be real Haruka would never fail at wooing anyone.

Game of Thrones

Sansa Stark/Brienne of Tarth
Future fic only for this pairing please. I really prefer Sansa being a grown grown-up. Sansa has always loved dashing heroes and knights and chivalry and such. That hasn't worked out for her in the past, but she'd never been offered protection from Brienne of Tarth. When Brienne constantly proves herself to be honorable, well-behaved, everything a knight should be, well... why wouldn't she fall for that?

Podrick Payne/Brienne of Tarth
I'd love to see Podrick growing to love Brienne and feeling like it's a shame that she can't be with the people she cares about and wishing someone could bring her joy. So, you know, he tries by being especially attentive toward her in his sweet, awkward way. Whether this wins Brienne over or not is up to you. I find either option believable, even though I read her in the show as being very devoted to her feelings for Renly and/or Jaime. I just want someone to be nice to her because they love her.

I love Sam Wilson in all his sarcastic, kind, funny glory. And CA:CW surprisingly turned me into a Scott fan just because he's so enthusiastic.

Scott Lang/Sam Wilson
I want Scott to pine and pine hard for Sam Wilson. And I want him to think Sam's out of his league for all the reasons (he's friends with Captain America, Scott once stole some shit from him, Scott's a goof and Sam's a grown-up, whatever) and assume Sam doesn't and would never care about him that way. Spoiler alert: he does.

Basically, I want all the trope-y, trope-tastic Sam/Scott fic.

Star Trek: AOS

Leonard McCoy/Hikaru Sulu
Ever since Into Darkness came out, I've wanted a role reversal AU that had Captain Hikaru Sulu and First Officer McCoy and all the possible "oh no, I cannot have feelings for my subordinate/superior officer" drama that comes along with it. But honestly, I would love anything for this pairing.

James Kirk/Hikaru Sulu
I feel like these two would be really competitive about just about everything... maybe even about romantic overtures. Who knows?

Leonard McCoy/Nyota Uhura
You know how in Into Darkness Uhura and Jim bond over their mutual frustration re: Spock? I want that. Except between McCoy and Uhura and I want them to be mutually frustrated about everyone. And maybe that mutual frustration morphs into, "Hey, actually we have a lot of other things in common. Maybe we should date." And all is cute and fun and grumpy.

This is a little picky and specific, but I would prefer it if for this pairing Uhura hadn't ever dated Spock. I just kinda hate breaking them up. It's not a deal breaker, but I would definitely appreciate it if your work didn't hinge on a past romantic failure with Spock. If it's not addressed at all and you wouldn't be able to guess from your fic that they'd dated at all, that's great.

Leonard McCoy/Spock/Nyota Uhura
I would love a fic exploring the idea that both Spock and Uhura discovering they have feelings for McCoy and they jointly decide they'd like to include him in their romantic lives. Bonus points for lonely!butnotsadsack!McCoy.

Star Wars (Marvel Comics)

Leia Organa/Sana Starros
I would love to see a fic where Leia does stuff that impresses Sana and Sana doesn't want to admit that she might like Leia because that's too much complication for her life. Leia, if she figured it out (unlikely), would definitely like it if Sana admitted as much.

Star Wars Original Trilogy
This is going to be an unwieldy list all on its own and I apologize for it in advance. Why must I love Lando and Leia ships so much? T_T

Lando Calrissian/Luke Skywalker
This is the one pairing for which I want all the trope-y fic possible. I will even gladly read modern/mundane AUs (except please no high school/college AUs). But anything else! Every romantic trope would be loved here. Pining. Misunderstandings. Slow burn. Someone can give someone the shovel talk. I don't care. All of it is welcome.

If you'd like a specific prompt though. I love the early post-ROTJ period and the possibilities inherent in that and how at loose ends both of them probably are. I don't think Luke would have much of a grasp on what he wants to do with himself other than "rebuild the Jedi" and be lonely while Han and Leia get to be happy together. Lando, on the other hand, probably has to go clean up what happened with the Imperials on Cloud City. How do they support one another in that situation?

Wedge Antilles/Lando Calrissian
They destroyed a Death Star together. That's some good common ground right there. I bet Wedge is pretty impressed by Lando's skills.

Leia Organa/Evaan Verlaine
I would love to see Leia pining for Evaan at the end of Star Wars: Princess Leia and how she handles having to go back to the Rebellion while Evaan stays behind with their people. How does she get along while missing Evaan? What does she do?

Leia Organa/Luke Skywalker
I would love unacknowledged pining on at least Luke's part, but if it's on both of their parts... yeah, that'd be good for me. I don't want them to be completely destroyed by their feelings, but if you wanted to explore how impossible it is for them to move past that and maybe find happiness with someone else, that would be amazing.

Lando Calrissian/Leia Organa
I feel like if any pairing was perfect for antagonistic leads in a romcom style shenanigans, it's these two. So, yeah. Romcom shenanigans. If you were at all inclined toward romcom shenanigans in a canon-divergent AU, that would be amazing.

Lando Calrissian/Han Solo
Lando and Han get into the scoundrel version of a prank war, which means they run into each other occasionally and steal one another's stuff—because they like each other and they can't just say it. Feelings are hurt when Han "wins" the Falcon. Feelings are healed when Han and Lando tool around the galaxy together in the Falcon.

Lando Calrissian/Lobot - Spoilers for Star Wars: Lando
If you have read the Lando miniseries Marvel did, the fact that I want all the angsty post-comic Lando/Lobot fic is probably not terribly surprising. And I do want all of it. Any permutation.

Lando Calrissian/Ssaria - Spoilers for Star Wars: Lando
I would love to know how Lando feels about his relationship with Ssaria and the fact that she's a Moff and based on Empire we know Lando's not super into the Empire. Is he surprised to find he likes her despite this fact? Or is he curious? Does he actually harbor some of the feelings he has for her in the beginning of the comic or is it all just a ruse? And how does he feel about that fact?

Lando Calrissian/Chanath Cha - Spoilers for Star Wars: Lando
Chanath Cha is willing to undermine Palpatine's orders for Lando. They have an extensive history. I would love to know why and where that extensive history came from.

Lando Calrissian/Mon Mothma
I have no idea how this would work, but if you have an idea for it, I'm 1000% here for it and would die of happiness to see it.

Star Wars Prequel Trilogy
I am more, more, more than happy for sad, angsty stories for the prequel trilogy. It's pretty much tailor-made for it. Padmé Lives AUs are forever to die for. Stuff concerning the early days of the Rebellion when it was still just a small number of individuals growing the thing is also lovely. Anything post-ROTS would be greatly loved and most of my Padmé prompts veer in that direction. Sorry about that. If you're writing PT-era ships for me and your mind goes in another direction, that's very much fine with me.

Padmé Amidala/Breha Organa
Padmé survives Anakin's transformation into Vader and is offered safe haven with the twins on Alderaan. Breha is immediately smitten with all three of them.

Padmé Amidala/Mon Mothma
Anything about them building the Rebellion (and falling in love) would be glorious.

Padmé Amidala/Sabé
I love the idea of them finding one another again post-ROTS. What would that be like for Sabé, who'd once been the queen's protector? How would they get to know one another again with everything that happened between TPM and ROTS.

Padmé Amidala/Obi-Wan Kenobi
I would really love mutual long-term pining. Obi-Wan is too proper a Jedi to ever let himself feel such things, so Padmé moves on as best she can (with Anakin or someone else or no one at all, any option is fine with me). Once the Jedi Order is destroyed and they're both looking for safe harbor, they're forced to confront their feelings.

Padmé Amidala/Bail Organa
Similar to the prompt above for Padmé/Breha, but with Bail. I just want the Organas to be smitten with children maybe. I also really feel like Bail and Padmé work together and I always thought they were fun when they'd show up in Clone Wars together, so even more of those kind of shenanigans would be fun as well.

Obi-Wan Kenobi/Bail Organa
Post-ROTS with Obi-Wan staying on Alderaan, listless. (Maybe Padmé survives and is raising her children and therefore Obi-Wan isn't required to go to Tatooine to watch out for Luke.) Bail helps by ensuring he always has something to do for the Rebellion and comes to admire Obi-Wan his resiliency.

Bail Organa/Breha Organa
Anything showing these two together being in love and raising Leia would make my heart happy. Established relationship fic is way okay with me for this pairing.

Star Wars Sequel Trilogy

Poe Dameron/Leia Organa
Unrequited pining from Poe. Just. Yeah. Or, you know, maybe not completely unrequited pining, but Leia's not ever intending to do anything about it. (This isn't a judgment on the pairing. I also love the idea of them getting together, but I'd love to see a fic exploring this particular dynamic.)

Ransolm Casterfo/Leia Organa - Spoilers for Bloodline
Mutual pining forever. Post-Bloodline angst. Leia going to Riosa and getting her man back. Post-TFA getting together fic. Anything.

The thing that most intrigues me about this pairing is how much of a staid hardass Phasma is when compared with Finn, who is quick-witted and more open emotionally.

I would prefer canon-divergent AUs of some flavor for this pairing, but no Finn-remains-a-stormtrooper AUs. However, I'm open to all sorts of other combinations for this one. Finn's a prince and Phasma's the humorless bodyguard for a dignitary visiting his planet. Finn's a senator and Phasma's a space cop. Regardless, I feel like they would probably not like each other, then grow to grudgingly respect one another, then maybe find themselves mortified that maybe they're attracted to one another and making it work somehow anyway.

Star Wars: Shattered Empire
I love Shara Bey and Sosha Soruna beyond the telling of it. Anything centering on either or both of them would be spectacular.

Lando Calrissian/Shara Bey
They are both fancy fliers and Lando is a connoisseur of beauty in all things. There is nothing I don't love about this. Maybe at some point post-series they have to go on a mission together and fall in love with each others' skillful piloting abilities.

Leia Organa/Sosha Soruna
I would love to see Leia come back to Naboo at some point and learn about her mother from Sosha, who would probably know a lot of unofficial history about Nabooian royalty. I think Leia would deeply admire Sosha and that would probably color Leia's feelings for her.

Shara Bey/Kes Dameron
I would love to see something cute involving Poe's parents (and baby!Poe, I'm not picky). Or something of Shara having to learn how to live her life outside of the Rebellion and Kes helps her. Established relationship fic is perfectly okay with me for this pairing. If you want to write about how they get together, that would be great, too.

Shara Bey/Leia Organa
If these two were going to get together, I feel like there would be mutual pining of some sort. Maybe Shara feels like she shouldn't pursue someone who holds a nebulous place in the Alliance's chain of command. Maybe Leia feels like falling for someone when there are more important things to do is a bad idea and she tries to ignore it. I don't know. All I know is I like them together.

Shara Bey/Sosha Soruna
Shara spending some time with Sosha and teaching her some piloting tricks?

Shara Bey/Sosha Soruna/Leia Organa
More saving Naboo together shenanigans please. Or the downtime they share in the aftermath of having saved Naboo the first time.

Twin Peaks
I believe in Coop's shining, inherent goodness and his love and acceptance of all people. I also believe in Denise's wonderful, amazing charm and chemistry and humor.

Denise Bryson/Dale Cooper
Sweet and romantic. Just... anything sweet and romantic for these two. Dale doing nice things for Denise. Denise teasing Coop because Coop likes to be teased.